Marysville Police offer trick-or-treat safety tips


According to the Marysville Police, trick-or-treating will be held tonight from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Marysville, and it won’t be canceled in the event of bad weather.
Parents are encouraged to exercise judgment in allowing children to participate, as well as promote safety and supervision. The Marysville Police have safety tips to help ensure a safe and fun-filled evening for all.
For children, it’s recommended they should:
-Never go into a stranger’s residence.
-Not approach strangers in cars who are passing out treats.
-Always trick-or-treat with a parent or adult and try to show a parent what is received at each house.
-Do not eat any candy until a parent or guardian inspects the treats.
-Be especially careful while crossing streets by looking both ways before crossing.
-Walk! Do not run. This will help prevent injuries.
-Carry a flashlight or glow stick.
For adults, it’s recommended they should:
-Carry a flashlight while accompanying children. This helps the child see the parent and lets the parent inspect treats.
-Have a trick-or-treater carry a flashlight or glow stick so they are more visible.
-Check the local sex offender registry for registered sex offenders in the area and avoid those residences.
-Tell children never to get into the car of a stranger or approach cars that may be passing out candy.
-Be aware of the routes children will be taking if the parent isn’t able to accompany them.
-Make sure each group of children has a cell phone so the parent can check on them periodically or for emergencies, or to make sure they can call 911.
-Ensure costumes are safe and fire proof or fire retardant.
-Set a time for children to be home.
For motorists, it’s recommended they should:
-Not use a cell phone or other electronic device while operating a vehicle.
-Pay attention to crosswalks, and especially for children who may be running across the street between intersections.
-Drive below the posted speed limit in residential areas during the hours of trick-or-treating.
-Not pass vehicles that are stopped on the roadway, as they may be dropping off children.
-Pull to the side of the road while dropping off children, turn on hazard lights and drop off passengers in a safe area.
Remember some children may be preoccupied with the event and may not be mindful of their safety or surroundings. It’s advised to scan the area for unexpected movements of children as one drives.


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