Marysville seeks grant to replace bus camera system


The Marysville School District wants to improve its bus camera system.
At a board of education meeting Thursday night, District Treasurer Todd Johnson reported the school has applied for a $40,000 safety grant from the Bureau of Worker’s Comp (BWC) to replace the camera system for the district’s buses.
Johnson said he learned about the grant in January, and notified each department head about it. He said the transportation director, Tina Sharrock, reported wanting to replace the district’s camera system for all of its buses.
“The transportation director said the one we have now requires a lot of repairs,” Johnson said. “It’s just not as high of quality as we would be getting.”
He said the transportation department is looking to purchase Seon cameras from R.E.M. Communications for $53,910. Johnson said the district will need to cover the additional $13,910 after the grant is applied. A requirement of the grant is that the district pay one third of the overall project cost.
“It’s fortunate the quote came back in at almost the exact amount,” Johnson said.
According to R.E.M. Communications’ website, Seon cameras include “fleet management solutions such as live vehicle tracking, passenger ridership tracking and school bus routing” that are “integrated with mobile video to give fleet managers real-time information about their fleet operations.”
Johnson said the cameras will also be able to access recorded footage from a cloud service.
Johnson said the district had a new camera system installed four years ago, but it requires constant repair. He said the current system causes “headaches” when trying to view recorded footage, as one must enter the bus and retrieve a disk with the footage.
“We were told we have a 10-year warranty, but this system hasn’t lived up to our expectations, even with the warranty,” Johnson said.
The treasurer said he had the grant request proofread by a regional contact with the BWC and will submit it today. The distrcit should learn sometime in March if it has received the grant. Johnson hopes the district will receive the system by spring and have it installed during the summer.
He said the district will likely receive the grant, but in the event it doesn’t, then, “that’s a bridge we’ll cross when we get there.”
Also discussed at the meeting:
-Edgewood Elementary School Principal Thomas Holdren presented a report about the school’s updates and goals. Holdren said the school has implemented more activities that get students “up and active and in the hallways learning.”
He also said third grade reading scores have increased since last year, going up from 35 percent of third grade students scoring positive proficiency scores on their tests to 65 percent.
-Assistant Superintendent Jonathan Langhals said a work trailer will be on site for the high school stadium project next week. He said fencing work will hopefully start within the next week or two.
-Superintendent Diane Mankins said the district used its eighth calamity day Wednesday, and has issued its second batch of blizzard bag assignments to students.
The next board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. March 14, at the Marysville Early College High School.

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