Milford Center Council discusses storm water tax


How much does it cost Milford Center to keep its drains clean?
At Monday night’s Milford Center village meeting, council members discussed how much the village should tax residents to clean, repair and update its storm drains. Council member Don Jones said he’s contacting various companies to get estimates on how much this service would cost taxpayers.
“I want to make sure (the storm drains) are up and running properly and draining properly,” Jones said. “Years back, we had some problems with people’s yards flooding, and we still have some flooding, and I want to get that solved.”
Jones said once those storm pipes are cleaned and updated, there needs to be a fund to maintain upkeep.
Council member Jeff Parren asked why the village hadn’t created a storm drain fund yet.
“Should we just knock this storm sewer thing out now and get $3 on the monthly bills for water?” Parren asked. “I’m not a person who wants to take more money, but I want a fund that starts to fund itself over time with an increasing structure on it so we’re doing something for the storm sewers.”
Jones said he wants to make sure there are estimates on what the repairs would cost before charging residents on their next water bills.
Council member Ron Payne suggested that, by November’s finance meeting, have each committee chairperson give him estimates to “what we’re going to need in 2019.” If no one does this, he said the budget will be established “like it has been forever, which you’ll have no say,” and him and the mayor will “fill in the blanks.”
“Send me the figures,” Payne said. “Appropriations need to come from the committees, not out of my ear. If you have to guess, then guess.”
Also at the meeting, council members discussed how to organize trick-or-treating on Oct. 31.
Jones said various residents have approached him to ask if they could use the front portion of the VFW building to set up trick-or-treating. He asked council if it was appropriate to allow them.
Mayor Virgil Reisinger said the village doesn’t own the building yet, so it can’t make that decision. He also said the building is too unsafe to rent out.
“We’ve had some ceiling tiles fall down from the rains and a roof to fix that hasn’t been done yet,” Reisinger said. “At this time, I would say it’s not in any condition for that.”
Payne suggested the village rents the Lions Club building to set up shop for trick-or-treating through the Parks and Recreation fund.
Residents Joyce Hinton and Kaye Phelps asked if the village would consider hosting a trick-or-treating event at the park. Council member Derek Wilson said he’ll look into it, but is unsure how much money is in the fund to cover it and the Lions Club idea.
Later in the meeting, solicitor Alison Boggs updated the council on its plans for annexing 46 Reed St. into the village.
Boggs gave the council a resolution to pass that would allow village administrator Chris Kise to hook up water and sewer services to the property once the county commissioners approve of it.
“The only reason we’re doing it is, instead of calling a special meeting, you’re giving Chris authority to do it between now and the next council meeting if the commissioners act that quickly,” Boggs said. “If they don’t, we might be back here next month doing our normal thing.”
Boggs said she doesn’t have the petition for the commissioners created yet, but will get onto it. Council members then approved of the resolution.
Also at the meeting:
-Council chose to table its discussion on the next step of the VFW building acquisition. Boggs said the sale of the building can’t be closed until a title search is done. She drafted a resolution to have an attorney help close on the deal.
-Wilson is looking into getting video cameras for the park and Christmas decorations.
-The Christmas parade is scheduled for Nov. 25.
-Council member Terri Kean said she’s looking into grants to fund water and sewer improvements, but a grant writer might be needed.
The board will meet again at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 12.

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