Officials ponder future of old Richwood Village Hall


Over the past few months, members of the Richwood Village Council have received questions regarding the status of the former Richwood Town Hall building located at 101 S. Franklin St..
Many years ago council began researching the cost of refurbishing the structure and settled on a figure of under two million dollars.
The coffers can’t justify that amount of money to get the building up to code, so they are in the process of doing a title search as to who owns the property. Village solicitor Alison Boggs stated she has spent a few days in the Union County Recorder’s Office searching for a title to the property with no luck as of yet.
The only documentation found so far states owners of the property show “Trustees, City Hall.” Before council can make any decisions about selling it, a clear title must be produced first. Boggs stated that former Mayor Jeff Holtschulte had done a history on the building years ago and he will be contacted.
Council recently had an appraisal done on the building, which showed it to be worth $65,000. Councilman George Showalter questioned the appraisal stating the the clock tower has a history and is one of four clocks made by Seth Thomas Clock Co. It’s value should increase the value of the appraisal. Until a clear title can be produced, council is waiting to decide the fate of the building.
Showalter also suggested to council that with the upcoming work on Richwood Lake in restoring the banks, that several trees may need to be removed. He suggests that they start a restoration of trees at the park. Councilman Reddy Brown offered to help investigate with Showalter the types of trees and costs. More information will be announced later.
A property at 329 E. Blagrove St. is in the process of being sold, when it was discovered that the street that enters to the property is village owned. That street also is used as an entrance and exit for Richwood Tire and Auto Center and for parking at Richwood Family Dental. Council voted to grant an easement to the property for the sale to be completed.
A resolution was approved on third reading that the village of Richwood shall obtain easements along two properties for the development of the Lake Baccarat Preservation and Pedestrian Path planned around Richwood Lake. Bids for the project are hoped to be advertised in September.

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