All Ohio Balloon Festival partners with IMPACT60


The All Ohio Balloon Festival (AOBF) will be celebrating 43 years in Marysville next year.
As with anything that lasts more than four decades, change is needed to keep growing, officials said. A big change patrons will notice next year is the AOBF partnership with IMPACT60.
“We are really so pleased to be able to work with IMPACT60 on a number of fronts,” AOBF General Manager Kevin Behrens said.
IMPACT60 is going to capitalize on the bigger stage the AOBF offers to create more awareness about the opiate crisis in Union County and informing residents how they can help in the fight.
“Our associates, individual community members and groups that make IMPACT60 successful have committed themselves to making a positive difference,” Bruce Daniels, founder of IMPACT60, said.
He said he wants to create awareness about how local people can join the organization’s effort to make Union County the best place in Ohio to live, work and play.
“Whether volunteers are helping families with kids battling cancer, building bicycles, sheltering animals or educating and modeling a life without drugs, we are all stronger together,” Daniels said. “Union County is a place of opportunity. Through partnerships, empowerment and collaboration, we will all prosper. IMPACT60 is a conduit for building a caring community.”
The partnership calls for the net proceeds from the event to be donated to help IMPACT60’s efforts to fight drugs in Union County.
“The All Ohio Balloon Fest is so proud to be able to partner with a group like IMPACT60,” Behrens said.
Daniels said he is as pleased with the partnership as AOBF officials are.
“The value and importance of identifying opportunities for shared action and the common good is immeasurable. Tangible projects can translate a community’s vision into reality,” said Daniels, who is principal dealer of Honda Marysville. “The passion of the Honda Marysville and Performance Columbus associates combined with the commitment of our community members will enable us to assist at the AOBF with the ultimate goal of putting the proceeds directly into IMPACT60 to support local causes.”
Behrens said it is satisfying to partner with a group that gets the mission of the event.
“The idea of giving back is so important to the AOBF that we have included in our bylaws an understanding that all of our net proceeds will be given to a 501c3 organization,” he said. “I think everyone involved with the festival appreciates the idea that giving back is not just something we do, but it really is who we are and we want to make sure it is always part of the AOBF culture.”
In the past AOBF partnered with the United Way of Union County, which received the donation.
“The United Way did a great job the past 10 years gathering volunteers, but they are going to concentrate all their efforts on their campaign moving forward.” Behrens said. “IMPACT60 will be a great fit for the AOBF. They have a great pool of volunteers to help with the festival needs and the money raised will stay local.”
Both organizations will also work together to create a benefit concert on Thursday night to benefit the Hope Center.
“Thursday night will be planned with the whole family in mind to come out to enjoy themselves at a unique, special, one-of-a-kind evening of fun, music and food while sharing the spirit of a community of caring,” Daniels said.
Officials said the festival’s more than 5,000 Thursday night attendees are vital to the success of the benefit concert. Daniels added IMPACT60 is, “looking forward to hosting a large crowd.”
AOBF officials said they are “finalizing the details about the performance.”
“The idea is IMPACT60 will sponsor the Thursday night entertainment and the all the tickets sales will go towards the Hope Center’s efforts,” Behrens said.
He said the AOBF and IMPACT60 will be making additional announcements soon.
“Stay tuned to and for more details about this years entertainment and to how to volunteer for next years festival,” Behrens said.

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