Only one issue defeated in county Tuesday


Voters were in a giving mood Tuesday, as only one levy in the county failed.
An operating levy in Liberty Township was the only issue in the county defeated by voters.
Union County voters showed an overwhelming amount of support for Marysville Public Library levy Tuesday.
According to preliminary results from the Union County Board of Elections, the library’s 1.5 mill replacement levy received 8,311 votes, about 68 percent, in favor with 3,872 votes against.
The levy will take effect in 2020 and will bring in an estimated extra $90,000 per year. The owner of a $100,000 home will pay $52.50 per year.
Officials said last month it will let the library continue its current services without having to cut services or employee hours.
“I’m really delighted that we can continue to offer the programs and services our library users have come to expect,” said Marysville Library Director Nieca Nowels.
She said she’d heard people express support for the library, but didn’t want to relax until she saw the numbers come in.
“I’m just a worrier at heart,” she joked. “When we saw the results come in with these kinds of strong numbers, I was just blown away.”
Nowels said cutting employees is, “Something you never want to do.” She continued that her employees are part of the reason the levy passed.
“We have a really good team,” she said.
A 6.6 mill substitute emergency levy for Fairbanks Local Schools also passed Tuesday.
According to preliminary results, about 53 percent voted for the levy, about 1,640 votes.
A substitute emergency levy is relatively new. The difference is in the potential for growth, rather than new money. The millage will remain at its current 6.6 rate, or $202 per $100,000 of home valuation per year, but the substitute emergency levy will allow revenue to grow as more residential construction occurs within the district.
Interim Fairbanks Superintendent David Bates said he was “pleasantly surprised” by the whole process.
“People support their schools here,” Bates said.
Bates said explaining that this levy was different from normal was simple, and that officials only had to distribute literature to get the point across.
“I don’t think the board was worried at all,” he said. “This is over, and we can get on with the work of the district.”
Liberty Township is the only levy issue in the county that failed, a 1.5 mill levy to start later this year. The levy would have paid for current township expenses. Results saw 471 voting against the levy, while 409 voted in favor.
Voters approved funds for the Triad and Benjamin Logan school districts.
Benjamin Logan School District voters have approved a 3.8 mills substitute levy to fund operating expenses.
According to preliminary results from the Logan, Union and Hardin county boards of election, the permanent levy earned 2,354 votes in favor while 2115 votes were cast in opposition to the levy.
Triad residents approved the renewal of a five-year, 0.5 percent income tax to support the district’s operating expenses.
According to preliminary results from the Champaign, Union and Logan county boards of election, 1,052 voters supported the measure while 890 voted against the tax.
The Northern Union County Joint Fire and EMS District voters passed an additional 3.9 mills to begin later this year, with 956 votes for and 697 votes against.
Claibourne Township passed a renewal and increase for cemetery operations at 1.2 mills with 643 votes against 478.
Union Township and the Village of Milford Center passed a renewal of their 4.6 mill fire and EMS levy to start in 2019 with 509 votes for and 213 votes against.
Washington Township passed a 1-mill renewal for operating expenses, to start next year, with 183 votes in support and 125 in opposition.
The Delaware County District Library passed a 1-mill renewal for 15 years, with 42,643 votes for and 23,834 votes against.
Beer Barrel, Inc., for Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill in Jerome Township, passed both a D5 and D6 liquor license. The D5 license was approved 185 votes to 64, while the D6 license was approved 174 votes to 76.

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