Partners Park gets a makeover


The Memorial Health Pavilion at Partners Park will be closed for two weeks while it is painted. City official have tented the structure in hopes of keeping rain out while they work.
(Journal-Tribune photo by Mac Cordell)


The pavilion at Marysville’s Partners Park, at the intersection of Main and Sixth streets will be closed for the next two weeks.
“It is being painted,” said City Manager Terry Emery.
Emery said the work is routine upkeep.
“This is something we will need to do every five years or so and it’s that time,” he said.
He said that as the pavilion ages, “you get a little erosion on the paint.”
“You don’t want it to get bad so you need to stay on top of it,” Emery said.
The city manager said the project is expected to cost about $18,000.
Emery said painting the pavilion was the appropriate decision, but it also serves as a reminder why not all structures are painted, specifically mentioning the roof of the city’s pedestrian bridge over U.S. 33.
“If we had painted that (the pedestrian bridge), we would have to repaint that every five years or so. That could have been very expensive,” he said, adding that unpainted it has a certain historical look.
Emery called the recent uncooperative weather “crazy.” He said there is “only so much we can do” about the temperatures, the wind and the rain.
“The more it rains, we are concerned about potential delays, but we think we are still on for two weeks,” Emery said.
He said the timing was a delicate balance. He said the weather needed to be dry and warm enough, but the project needs completed before the city’s first Friday Nights Uptown event May 17. Emery added that there is also a private pavilion event scheduled for later that weekend, but nothing that conflicted with the project’s timeline.
“It has to be done by that event (Friday Nights Uptown),” Emery said.
He said that while the pavilion will be opened that day, there will also be an addition to Partners Park. The city will unveil a clock, donated to the park by the Marysville Journal-Tribune. The clock will sit on the Main Street side of the park between the street and the pavilion.
“We want to put it where people and traffic can easily see it, but it won’t block visibility,” Emery said.
The location also has another meaning.
“The first Marysville Tribune sat on this site in 1879,” said Journal-Tribune Publisher Kevin Behrens.
He said the clock is an important way to mark the city’s bicentennial and the newspaper’s 170th birthday.
“Since 1849, this family-run newspaper has helped the city and it’s people mark the passage of time and celebrate the important milestones,” Behrens said. “For the last 170 years the newspaper has been in the city’s uptown area and we think it is only fitting that, as Marysville begins to celebrate its bicentennial, this clock becomes part of the Uptown as well.”
Emery said the clock is another example of why the facility is named Partners Park.
“This park and the pavilion is probably one of the best things we have done for the people of Marysville,” Emery said. “We had a lot of significant community partners who came together to make it so special. This is another amenity we can add to the park that was made possible by an important community partner, one that has been part of the Marysville community for 170 years.”
He said the park has “a lot of character and this is going to be a great addition to that.”

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