Richwood bears brunt of rising water


The Village of Richwood is once again under water.

Residents around the town are dealing with high water, flooded yards and basements, and road closures in and around town.

Several spots have high water signs posted to warn drivers of the potential danger but Mayor Scott Jerew said the worst of it is the west side of town.

“West Bomford Street is the one we’re the most concerned with. It’s the only street in the village that is closed,” he said. “That area of West Bomford and West Ottawa streets are probably the hardest hit with water over the roads.”

He said that areas outside of town at Route 37 north to the village as well as Bethlehem-Claibourne Road are both still closed and have been since the weekend.

“Our town run goes through there and when it backs up from Fulton Creek, it just all goes back to the village,” Jerew said.

He added that the village got pummeled with rain on Friday then picked up four inches of rain on Saturday alone. Since the weekend, they’ve collected an additional inch, he said.

Although the flooding continues, some of the village’s recent infrastructure projects are helping with drainage.

“There was water on East Bomford but it receded right away,” Jerew said. “We put that storm water piping in about two years ago and that has really helped keep that part clear.”

The village also replaced storm water drains on East Ottawa Street three years ago that has aided in keeping that portion of the street open.

Currently, North Franklin Street is under construction for similar fixes.

“That is the result of an (inflow and infiltration) study done years ago and that will definitely help issues on Franklin,” Jerew said. “There has just been so much water, there’s really nowhere for it to go.”

He said that part of the issue with the village is that much of the water surrounding the town, not just in village limits, all drains back into the town.

“We’ve worked with the Army Corps of Engineers about seven years ago and found that the way it’s all laid out, it comes back to us,” Jerew said. “When Delaware County reaches its limit, the water has nowhere to go but to come to Richwood.

As of Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service has the village under a flood warning and expects more rain in the evening.

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