Richwood Council fields requests


Richwood Council members are in the process of another new update for the village, working on the downtown beautification project and the resurfacing of Franklin Street through the village.
During Monday night’s regular meeting, a few more requests were made to coincide with the upcoming project.
Northern Union County Fire Chief Randy Riffle addressed council about the village assisting with a new tornado siren the fire department purchased. The plan is to have it serve the southern part of the village, possibly in the area of Gill Street.
Riffle asked council if it would pay for the permit needed to install the siren, which will be mounted on a 50 foot pole. He also asked if council would pay for the electric needed for the installation. Council passed the request unanimously.
Riffle also stated that the fire hydrants on Franklin Street are all on the east side of the street. He asked if the village could allow for a fire hydrant to be installed on the west side of the street near North Union High School during the construction of new water and sewer lines in the area, ahead of street is resurfacing.
Riffle stated that if there was a fire now, the department would have the street blocked because fire hoses would be running across the street from the east side and no other departments would be able to assist. Village Administrator Monte Asher encouraged Riffle to attend the next pre-construction meeting.
Another area of concern was the recent fire that destroyed a house on North Clinton Street which killed the resident of the home. Riffle said that he did a complete search around the house the night of the fire to locate the gas meter. Eventually, the meter was found in the basement of the house.
He asked council to suggest to Columbia Gas that meters be relocated outside of the houses in the village to allow them to be shut off during a fire. Asher said that when Columbia Gas is at the next pre-construction meeting, it will be addressed.
During the meeting, council:
-Was given a donation of $300 from a Go Fund Me account, set up by Rachel Shadel, to go toward saving the saving the town hall.
-Was informed about a sports festival that will take place June 15 in the village. This will be a dualathelon event, which will include the Springenfest 5K run/walk and a two-mile bicycle ride. The event begins at the North Union Middle School and weaves around the new park trail. Additional police presence was requested and Asher said that the Union County Emergency Management Agency would be on hand to assist. Riffle was asked for support from the Northern Union County EMS staff.
-Received a $100 check from the Richwood VFW Post 870 auxiliary for the purchase of a new tree to be planted at the park.
-Was informed that Paige Bayer, art teacher at North Union High School, and the art club have volunteered to pick up trash in the park around the new trail on the second Wednesday of each month, September through May.
-Heard from Asher that during down time, village employees have recycled approximately 130 old water meters and other material have been collected to be sold. Money from the sale will be deposited in the water budget.

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