Richwood council to seek bids for village-wide trash service


Richwood Council began Monday’s meeting by electing Reddy Brown as the president.
Mayor Scott Jerew approached council about bidding out to refuse companies regarding trash pick-up within the village. For nearly three years, council has discussed the possibility of seeking out one trash company to pick up trash and recyclables one day a week for residents.
Representatives from the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District have advised council on several occasions regarding the value in having recycling pick-up included in the plan. They have also sent out questionnaires to residents seeking their input.
There are several companies that travel village streets six days a week picking up residential trash, which reportedly creates wear and tear on the streets.
Council has been discussing the positives on having one company serve the village. Council also stated that the monthly trash collection fee would be added to residents’ water and sewer bill.
Council decided to go ahead and advertise for trash pick-up and see what other companies have to offer, regarding pick-up fees, recycling bins, trash bins, etc. Council hopes that after the bids have been collected, it will have a better understanding about the process and will consider what will be the best and most affordable option for village residents.
Council voted on the first of three readings for temporary appropriations for the 2019 fiscal year, which are the same as 2018. The permanent budget will be ready for consideration by Feb. 25.
Council also voted on the first reading of a participation agreement for the Franklin Street enhancements. This is Phase I of the project from Beatty Avenue to Mulvane Road, which approves the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to perform the planning, design and construction of the identified highway improvement project. Phase I of this project includes new water and sewer lines, streets, curbs and sidewalks, and street lamps.
Access Engineering Solutions, the village’s engineering firm, opened bids last week for Phase I of the project, which was estimated to cost $1,550,000. The village’s share of the cost of the improvements is estimated to be $62,000.
Five companies bid on the project and the bid was awarded to Brenneman Excavating, Inc., from Celina. Their bid came in at $1,334,692.
This is the same company that completed the East Bomford Street reconstruction in 2018. Weather permitting, the project is planned to being in April.
A mutual aid contract was also approved with the Union County Sheriff’s Office. This three year agreement authorizes the county sheriff’s office to provide assistance when needed by village officer at such incidents as domestic disputes, warrants and handling traffic accidents.
In other business, council;
-Approved a schedule of council meetings for 2019. Council normally meets the second and fourth Monday of each month. This year, when a holiday is on their regularly scheduled meeting night, the meeting will be held the next evening on Tuesday.
-Heard from Village Administrator Monte Asher that when jetting catch basins on North Franklin Street, crews found an outlet to an open ditch. The line was broken down, but once it is fixed it will provide an option for storm drainage for North Franklin Street.
-Heard the snow was too wet for the village broom to use on the walking path, so village crews plowed the path for walkers to use during the winter.
-Was informed the police bullet proof vests have arrived and the police department will submit for reimbursement through a grant. The department should be reimbursed $6,374.
Council’s next meeting will be Monday, Jan. 28, at 7 p.m. at the village administration building, located at 153 N. Franklin St. The public is always invited to attend.

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