Richwood Council updated on Franklin St. project


On Monday night, Richwood Village Council members heard from Craig Mescher of Access Engineering about Phase 1 of the Franklin Street project, which will help take care of standing water after heavy rains.
Mescher said Phase 1 will take place on North Franklin Street from Beatty Avenue to Mulvane Road. New water and sewer lines, storm lines, curbs, sidewalks and resurfacing of the street will be part of the first project.
Another addition to the project will be handling storm water that collects on the street and nearby areas. The solution seems to be installing a “barracuda,” which is new technology in the handling of storm water. This high performance separator is designed to remove total suspended solids in order to protect receiving waters.
The design is of a single manhole cover. There is no elevation loss between the inlet and outlet. The apparatus is to prevent the captured contaminants, catching solids, oils, etc. and keeping them out of the water. The components can be up to 8 feet in height and is fabricated and designed for quick and easy field assembly. The equipment should be vacuumed out approximately every two years. Collecting the foreign solids that wash off the streets will keep only the storm water entering Richwood Lake.
Mescher said bid opening will be held at the Union County Commissioner’s Office on Jan. 10.
He also said that approximately 100 trees along North and South Franklin streets will need to be removed during the project. After the bid is awarded to a company, the trees will be removed so the project may begin. Following the completion of Phase 1, a street lighting project will take place.
Council stated that many positive projects are taking place, all for the betterment of the village.
Two members of the North Central Solid Waste District returned to council to ask if they had any additions or corrections to a proposed contract regarding trash pick-up in the village. Council members said they will have to hold open public meetings for a few months so that residents will be informed and learn of the possible addition to village services. Mayor Scott Jerew said he wants the public to understand and ask any questions regarding the proposed trash pick-up and recycling efforts before any decisions are made.
Jerew also announced that the beach/shelter house project needs to be bid out. The village was awarded a $98,000 grant to be used to build a shelter house near the beach area around Richwood Lake. It is hoped that the project might be completed before next summer’s swimming season.
In other business, council:
-Heard there are 17 risers and lids needing to be replaced and five catch basins need attention, due to the inflow and infiltration issues found during recent smoke testing. Notices have been sent to property owners with good response overall by property owners trying to rectify issues.
-Heard the village equipment has been switched over for snow plowing for the winter season.
-Was informed three village employees will be taking mosquito spraying testing next month.
-Was invited to ride in village vehicles in the Dec. 1 Christmas Parade.
-Heard the Camper’s Club is inviting the public to join them Dec. 19 at 7 p.m. to sing Christmas carols in the Richwood Bank parking lot near Santa’s house.
-Heard a new car dealership will be opening on South Franklin Street soon.
The next village council meeting will be held Monday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m. at the village administration building, located at 153 N. Franklin St.
The public is invited to attend.

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