Richwood makes moves to retain police officers


For several years, the Richwood Police Department (RPD) has trained many officers.
Shortly after completing their training, many officers have taken jobs in other law enforcement agencies, due to the opportunity to earn higher wages.
Monday night, village council members approved a resolution increasing the number of hours a part-time patrol officer can work in one week, to a total of 30 hours, and not to exceed a yearly total of 1,500 hours. The previous arrangement was that four part-time officers could only work a total together of 30 hours. The resolution was declared as an emergency and takes effect on the earliest date permitted by law.
Council has also decided that eliminating one full-time patrol officer will not affect the ability of the RPD to properly serve the residents of the village. So council approved the elimination of one full-time officer, reducing the number from four to three, and increasing the pay of all full-time police officers, including the command staff, by $2 per hour.
Police Chief Monte Asher hopes that these changes will eliminate newly hired part-time and full-time officers seeking employment elsewhere.
An approved ordinance explains the details as to measurements between other planted trees, which must be designed or approved by the Tree Commission. These new guidelines proposed by council are to help curb the future damage of tree roots into water and sewer lines and the village’s infrastructure. Council will have two more readings to approve before it becomes law on the books.
Village Administrator Monte Asher announced to council that he has received a quote on a used electrical gate needed for the sewer plant. Council approved the motion to proceed to run the electric and have it hooked up by a licensed electrician. Funds to purchase the gate were provided by a BWC Grant, which was designated to use for safety reasons, in the amount of $8,900.
Village Clerk Sarah Sellers reported to council members that so far, a total of $276.53 in late fees for water and sewer bills have been waived. There are about 30 accounts that are tagged on the shut-off list. This information is through the end of July, as August payments are not due yet. Council approved a resolution giving residents three months to pay the past due portion of their water and sewer bills starting Sept. 1 to avoid utility shut-off.
In other business, council;
-Heard that the village is applying for an OPWC Grant, which will back up the job six months for a new water plant.
–Was told that village crews have added dirt and stone around the new shelter house and place three large rocks around it to help protect the structure.
-Heard the street sweeper is back in operation and is cleaning the streets.
-Has informed the village dump truck is inoperable and the are looking for a replacement.
-Heard a new lift station pump was installed on Pearl Street.
-Was informed that Asher is getting quotes for a touchless entry door for the main lobby of the village administration. Coronavirus funds, if approved, will be used for this project.
-Heard that vacations in the police department are still on hold until the department is fully staffed.
Council’s next regular meeting will be held Monday, Aug. 24, 7 p.m.

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