Richwood will lose money next year if issues aren’t passed


Union County Auditor Andrea Weaver attended the recent Richwood Village Council meeting to inform council members about the three levies that will be on the Nov. 5 ballot.
Council members were surprised to hear that two of the levies on the ballot expired in 2018, but are still collecting in 2019. Those two levies are for current expenses, which started in 2014 and expired in 2018. The second expired levy was for the park, which started in 2014 and expired in 2018. It also is collecting income through 2019. If these two levies are not approved during the Nov. 5 election, there will not be any money for the park or additional funds for current expenses. Council will have to submit the two levies for the March 2020 ballot if they fail.
After hearing Weaver’s presentation, council decided that they really need to get the word out to voters about how important it is that vote for all three levies to continue the services being provided.
Mayor Scott Jerew informed council that it is in need of a building permit for the new shelter house that is ready to be constructed. Officials hope that a permit will be approved shortly so that work can be completed before winter weather arrives. Council also received a bid for installing the base of the floor and concrete for the structure, which needs to be poured before winter weather becomes an issue.
Jerew also said that Lynn Street to Veteran’s Way will be closed on Saturday, Oct. 26 ,for the “Haunted Trail.” Several groups and individuals are decorating around a section of the walking path during the Halloween season and funds raised will be designated for the park.
Village Administrator Monte Asher announced that village crews will make Oct. 31 the last day for curbside brush pick-up. Employees will continue to pick up bagged leaves left curbside.
Asher also said that the restrooms at Richwood Park will be closed Oct. 31 for the winter season. Port-a-john are available around the park.
A South Franklin Street resident addressed council about some concerns raised during the North Franklin Street project. He would like a list of concerns made so that they can be taken into consideration before work begins on South Franklin Street, especially regarding parking. Jerew agreed and will work on that list.
In other business, council:
-Heard a request from Asher about approving a list of impounded vehicles and some other equipment to be listed on Council approved his request.
-Heard the fire department is expecting the new medic that was ordered to be delivered this week.
-Was told that Asher and Josh Cross from Ohio Edison are putting together a list of streetlights and poles that need to be removed. This will be done after the installation of the new poles.
-Heard Brenneman Co. is scheduled to begin working on the Edgewood storm line by the end of this week. Council also suggested that Jason Wills be invited to the next meeting to tell council his plans in connecting to the storm lines in connection to the Dudley Circle project.
-Was told by Police Chief Monte Asher that the police department computers will not update to the Windows 10 program. The computers are too old for updates and they are working on getting a quote from Edge Technology for nine new towers. A quote will be presented to council once received.
-Heard officer Jacob Mahle has resigned and officer Woodrow Geer was sworn in as a part-time officer, but is also applying for the open full-time position.
-Heard from Financial Officer Sarah Sellers that she is taking training from Allison Hamilton two days a week to update all bank reconciliations and correct accounting issues and getting all taxes paid and up-to-date.
Council’s next regular meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. in council chambers. The meeting is open to the public and held at 153 N. Franklin St.

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