Teens held in Jerome vehicle thefts


All four vehicles stolen from neighborhoods in Jerome Township have been recovered by law enforcement.
According to a release put out by the Union County Sheriff’s Office, the suspects involved in the thefts are from the Columbus area and range from 14-17 years old. Sheriff’s deputies have been working with the Columbus Division of Police to identify those involved.
Vehicles were reported missing from the Dogwood Neighborhood in Jerome Village and the New California Woods and Hills sub-divisions along with a series of items left in the cars. Stolen items included cash, credit cards, gift cards, wallets, headphones, sunglasses golf clubs, a backpack and a computer.
Reports said in most cases, the vehicles were left unlocked with the ignition keys left in the inside. Vehicles taken included 2019 black Mercedes Benz CL25, a white 2017 Toyota Prius, a black 2011 Honda Odyssey and a silver 2004 Acura TL.
Video footage of a possible suspect using a credit card stolen from one of the vehicles helped to lead investigators to the stolen items.
Suspects involved in the thefts are currently in custody and being charged with receiving stolen property.
The case is currently under investigation.

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