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The Homewood Corporation presented a proposal to the Jerome Township Zoning Commission Monday evening that would bring in 83.5 acres of mixed-use land behind the Marathon gas station near U.S. 33 and U.S. 42. Developers are proposing a parcel with five sub-areas that range from apartments to an office park.

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With new developments being proposed in Jerome Township, residents may start to see a town center take shape.

At Monday evening’s zoning commission meeting, the board overheard two presentations for developments in the New California area.

The first proposed development would be for Pioneer Crossing, a 100-acre parcel located across from the fire station on U.S. 42. Pulte Homes, the developer for the project, is looking to bring 200 single-family residential housing units to the site as well as a road that would potentially connect U.S. 42 to Industrial Parkway.

“Connectivity is really something we’ve been looking at a lot when it comes to new developments,” said Mark Spagnuolo, the zoning officer with the township. “It would come off New California Drive to Industrial Parkway and would connect to Brock Road.”

He the said the plan would be to eventually create a “New California outer belt” which would not only help increase the connectivity throughout the township but hopefully reduce the traffic in the area.

The development, if approved, would also likely be built during two large-scale Ohio Department of Transportation projects.

“Traffic is a main concern of ours and of the residents,” Spagnuolo said. “But with ODOT redoing the U.S. 33 and 42 interchange and doing work on the Industrial Parkway/42 intersection, traffic should really start to open up in the next three to four years.”

As presented, the development would have a density of 1.98 units per acre which Spagnuolo said was “cutting it close” to what the township has in the comprehensive plan. Currently, the township asks for 1.5-2 units per acre density.

“Unit-density was a little bit of an issue but there was also some concern with a block length of more than 1,600 feet where our current maximum length is 1,500,” Spagnuolo said. “The developer is going to go back and make some changes on those requests. We tabled the conversation until July 22.”

The other development was proposed by the Homewood Corporation and would rezone 83.5 acres of rural residential land located off U.S. 42 to mixed use.

The parcel is located north of Industrial Parkway behind the Marathon gas station.

“If this goes through, this would really bring this idea of a ‘town center’ to Jerome Township,” Spagnuolo said.

Developers are proposing a series of “sub-areas” within the acreage that would vary from residential to commercial.

Sub-area A would include an office park with a total of six buildings. Sub-area B included commercial space with two buildings that developers said could be used for businesses such as restaurants or a bank.

Sub-area C would be attached, residential townhomes.

“This would be 15 units geared toward young professionals or people looking for something a little different that apartments or single-family homes,” Spagnuolo said. “The price is looking to be around $250,000 which sounds high but when some homes start at $300,000, this gives people another option.”

Sub-area D would be 40 lots of patio-style homes that would be located near Kimberly Drive. Sub-area E would be five buildings of 108 apartment-style units.

“Homewood would really bring something to the township that we don’t really have,” Spagnuolo said. “This being located off U.S. 42, near Industrial Parkway and near the highway, it really would help to shape a ‘town center.’”

Spagnuolo said the developers included purchasing the American Inn motel property in their proposal and if approved, would tear the building down.

“If you look at our comp plan, you can really see this starting to come together,” Spagnuolo added. “The hope is that we’re building a real community for our residents and that this would be a step in that direction.”

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