Tracy Richardson wins race for Ohio House seat


Marysville resident and current city councilperson Tracy Richardson won Tuesday’s election for representative of Ohio’s 86th district.
Richardson, a Republican, defeated Democrat Glenn Coble, of Marion.
“It is a great deal of humility and gratitude that I thank our residents for their support and vote of confidence,” Richardson wrote in an email.
Richardson will replace the current representative for the 86th district, Republican Dorothy Pelanda, who did not seek reelection.
According to preliminary results from the Union County and Marion County boards of election, aross the district, Richardson received 27,443, or 68 percent, of the vote. Coble got 28 percent with 11,153 votes. Libertarian Taylor Hoffman got four percent of the vote with 1,460 votes.
“I’ve learned a tremendous amount in my journey to becoming our next State Representative and I know that I would not be victorious without the support of a terrific team of volunteers and the encouragement of so many residents,” Richardson wrote.
Coble said he was disappointed with the results of the election.
He said he had less money at his disposal than Richardson, and the 86th district made its choice.
“I’m disappointed, obviously, but I don’t know that I could have done anything,” he said.
He said he ran because he felt Ohio “needed something.”
While he didn’t rule anything out, he said he likely won’t run for office again. He said at this point, he’s looking wind down.
“I’m just going to enjoy my retirement,” Coble said. “Be with my family and my puppy dog.”
Coble said he and Richardson got along “quite fine” during the election.
“She won, and she will have to figure out the reigns of government,” he said.
Richardson ran on a campaign that largely focused on the heroin epidemic in the area, as well as employment.
“The challenge is getting the people the skills they need for the jobs that are available,” Richardson said in an interview last month.
Coble’s main disagreement with Richardson stemmed from his pro-choice opinions, while Richardson is generally pro-life.
Coble also campaigned in favor of “common sense gun laws,” including a ban on bump stocks and automatic weapons.
“I don’t care what anybody says, guns kill people,” he said. “I’m tire of waking up and hearing on the news that 14 kids (were) killed.”
Richardson thanked her opponents, who she said, “dedicated themselves to representing us.”
“I look forward to being a leader who listens and will work hard on behalf of our community at the statehouse,” she said.

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