Train hits semi


Driver avoids injury
Both the driver and train engineer were injury-free after a Thursday afternoon accident in which a train struck a semi-truck.
Chief Deputy Tom Morgan said the driver of a 2001 Sterling semi-truck, Nicholas C. Rea, 24, of Raymond was traveling northeast on Morse Road.
Rea reportedly failed to yield at a stop sign at the Morse Road railroad crossing.
Morgan noted that this train intersection does not have flashing lights or gates.
Rea then allegedly noticed a train was coming after driving through the stop sign and “slammed on the breaks.” He attempted to back up, but Morgan said the front of the semi-truck was stuck on the first set of rails.
The train struck the front of the semi-truck at 4:22 p.m. Morgan said it was traveling 49 mph and pulling 177 cars of grain.
Morgan said neither Rea or the train engineer experienced any apparent injuries. He said EMS did not respond to the scene.
The train experienced “functional” damage, Morgan said, and was able to continue traveling at 6:15 p.m.
The semi-truck suffered minor damage.
The train tracks were blocked at Lunda, Morse and Hoover Bault Roads until approximately 8 p.m., Morgan said.
Rea was cited for failure to yield at a stop sign. Morgan said he was wearing his seatbelt and drugs and alcohol are not suspected in the incident.

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