Election roundup: Triad voters pass pair of facility issues


Triad Local Schools will soon see funding for athletic facility and building security improvements.
According to unofficial results from the Champaign County, Logan County and Union County Boards of Elections, the Triad school levy has passed.
“We’re really excited – we’re ecstatic,” Superintendent Vickie Hoffman said.
Voters in each of the three counties were in favor of the levy, including approximately 63% for the levy in Union County and 57% in Champaign and Logan counties.
Hoffman said the majority of the funds will be used for athletic facility projects and a portion would be used to increase safety throughout the district.
“We worked hard to devise a plan that will help all students,” she said.
She specifically mentioned the addition of a “community room,” which will be used by a variety of student organizations, and can be rented out by local residents for birthday parties or other events.
The two-part levy consists of a 1.75 mill bond levy, which will last 20-30 years depending on project costs and a 0.25 mill permanent improvement levy that will be continuous.
It will result in an additional tax of $0.025 for each $100 of valuation.
Hoffman said the community has come together in support of the levy and thanked the levy committee, which has been meeting monthly over the past year.
Projects funded by the levy will include regrading the football field, installing an eight-lane track, constructing a new field house and renovating the current field house to match. The levy would also fund new track and field lighting, a sound system, a scoreboard and ADA compliant bleachers.
Aside from these facility improvements, Hoffman said levy funding would be used to eliminate the pay-to-participate fee for athletes, which is $60 per season.
The continuous improvement levy will be used to fund safety and security initiatives. Hoffman said there is “a long list” of potential improvements, which could include security entrances, safety kits and voice alerting systems in each building.
Tax collections from the 2 mill, 20-year bond issue passed in 2002 will expire in 2022, so collections from this levy will not begin until January 2023.
Hoffman said safety and security improvements will begin in the near future, but athletic facility improvements likely will not begin until 2023.

The results of other issues and races around the community are listed below:
Fairbanks Local School District School Board Members (Vote for two): Mark Lippencott, 811; Lisa Adkins, 752.
North Union Local School District School Board Members: Rochelle L. Ehret, 820.
North Union Local School District School Board Members: Matt Staley, 868.
Triad Local School District School Board Members (Vote for two): W. Chris Millice, 48; Randy J. Moore, 47.
Milford Center Village Mayor: Terri Kean, 69; Virgil Reisinger III, 75.
Milford Center Village Member of Council (Vote for two): Doug Burnett, 93; Michelle Burnett, 99; Jeff William Parren, 52.
Magnetic Springs Village Mayor: Martha K. Cantrell, 20.
Magnetic Springs Village Member of Council: Deborah Lutz, 19.
Richwood Village Mayor: Wm. Scott Jerew, 265.
Richwood Village Member of Council (Vote for two): Wm. Reddy Brown, 236; Joseph D. Ridgeway, 240.
Allen Township Trustee: Don McCreary, 342.
Allen Township Fiscal Officer: Lori LaCella, 307.
Claibourne Township Trustee: Dustin Converse, 408.
Claibourne Township Fiscal Officer: Casey Converse, 176; Mary Lu Swartz, 261.
Darby Township Trustee: Douglas J. Alderman, 287.
Darby Township Trustee-Unexpired Term: James R. Scheiderer, 291.
Darby Township Fiscal Officer: Connie Priday, 290.
Dover Township Trustee: Tim Shier, 247.
Dover Township Fiscal Officer: Beverly Low, 316.
Jerome Township Fiscal Officer: Robert Caldwell, 1,423.
Jackson Township Trustee: Steve Patton, 101.
Jackson Township Fiscal Officer: Jan Oldham, 98.
Leesburg Township Trustee: Kevin L. Dotson, 142.
Leesburg Township Fiscal Officer: Mellisa Weigand, 116.
Liberty Township Trustee: Jerry McClary, 318; John E. Holloway, Jr., 126.
Millcreek Township Trustee: David Long, 187.
Millcreek Township Fiscal Officer: Scott Brackenridge, 122; Joe Liszeski, 76.
Paris Township Trustee: Tony Eufinger, 3,101.
Paris Township Fiscal Officer: Ryan Lee, 2,934.
Taylor Township Trustee: Robert D. Kroshefsky, 133; C. Scott Weeks, 266.
Taylor Township Fiscal Officer: Tina Marshall, 347.
Union Township Trustee: Randy C. Poland, 213.
Union Township Fiscal Officer: Summer Phelps, 225.
Washington Township Trustee: Richard Anderson, 37; Carol C. Miller, 109.
Washington Township Fiscal Officer: Julia L. Smith, 128.
York Township Trustee: Logan Rife, 128.
York Township Fiscal Officer: Ryan E. Bugg, 130.
Village of Richwood 1.2 Current Expenses: For the tax levy, 222; Against the tax levy, 70.
Village of Richwood 3.2 Current Expenses: For the tax levy, 208, Against the tax levy, 83.
Village of Richwood Parks and Recreation: For the tax levy, 200; Against the tax levy, 90.

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