Water main break leads to boil alert in Milford Center


The village of Milford Center is on a boil alert due to a water main break that occurred Wednesday night.
Derek Wilson, Milford Center’s parks, events, recreation and community chairperson, said a water main broke on Pleasant Street after 4 p.m. Wednesday and was fixed at around 6 p.m. He said water services were shut off for at least Pleasant and First streets.
“Water services are back on today,” Wilson said. “There is still a possibility of unsafe water.”
After the break was repaired, the village issued a boil alert and placed warning tags on residents’ doors. Wilson said the alert is there to warn residents to boil their water before using it for consumption, such as when making ice cubes or brushing one’s teeth.
Village Administrator Chris Kise said the water main break was caused by the rupturing of a connection piece that linked the water pipes together.
He said there have been three water main breaks in the village in the last year, and this was the first incident to occur in 2018.
He said the repair “felt like it was very fast and remarkable” in the way it was handled.
Wilson said the boil alert will be active throughout the entire village “until further notice,” but suspects it will go on for 48 hours. Kise said he’s not sure when it could actually end.

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