Whit’s owner saw potential in Marysville Uptown


One man’s quest to restore Uptown Marysville became a long-term investment in him being a part of the community.
Todd Poole decided to open Whit’s Frozen Custard in Marysville in April, 2014, with the idea of revitalizing the local business scene. Though he’s lived in Jerome Township all of his life, he said Marysville was the “closest big city to us.”
However, he’s also seen the city “go downhill” since his childhood. He wants to make a positive impact to the business environment in Marysville that shows people “it can be done.”
“What brought us back into being more active in the community was to be a business owner this time and not just a consumer,” Poole said. “The Uptown does matter, and it really should be the highlight and the crown jewel of the best town I know.”
As a career firefighter, business owner and family man, he said he’s seen himself as a consumer all of his life. By opening a business, he said he was able to feel less like just a consumer and more like a “catalyst” to inspire other businesses to open in Uptown Marysville.
He’s proud to say Marysville was his first choice in opening a business, and it was more about leaving a legacy on a town that “really needed it” more than it was for the money.
To him, Marysville embodies the identity of the “quintessential small-American town,” where the people are “kind, generous and very friendly.”
“What seems to attract people to town other than jobs and schools is you see good families trying to make it and they’re doing good things,” he said. “It’s like everything about America that has been lost in so many other places but continues to survive and thrive in our area.”
What he finds to be a problem in Marysville is how some people aren’t using the facilities and resources within the city and instead going to other places.
Poole said he often hears from his customers about whenever they go to places like Dublin or Columbus for a service.
He’s been able to find everything in Marysville he’s needed. He often tries to avoid going out of town for something, unless it’s a Blue Jackets game in Columbus.
“I think there’s a long way to go in proving to people there are so many great reasons to stay,” Poole said.

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