Who stole the Go Gator kiddie coaster?


Pictured above is a Go Gator carnival ride, described online as a “steel kiddie roller coaster” that travels on a triangle-shaped track. One model of the Go Gator coaster, owned by a Florida carnival company, was stolen from the Union County Fairgrounds Tuesday night.

(Submitted photo)

The Union County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an unusual crime – the theft of a children’s roller coaster.

According to Sheriff’s reports, sometime Tuesday night a Go Gator carnival roller coaster was stolen from the Union County Fairgrounds.

Celebration Source, a company that rents the ride, describes it as a 50-foot by 50-foot ride that seats 12 children at a time. The roller coaster was valued at approximately $50,000.

Union County Fair Secretary Emily Zuver said the ride was traveling through town and asked to park at the fairgrounds overnight. She allowed the person transporting the ride to do so, with the stipulation that the Union County Fair would not be responsible for theft or damages to the property.

It was a worthwhile disclaimer, as Walter Ross II of Gibsonton, Florida reported the ride stolen on Wednesday at 11:34 a.m.

Sheriff’s reports indicate that the ride was believed to be stolen between the hours of 5 p.m. Tuesday and 8:57 a.m. Wednesday.

The Go Gator roller coaster was the property of United Midway, a company also based in Gibsonton, Florida.

The theft is still under investigation.

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