Woman charged after leading 110-mph chase in station wagon


A Columbus woman, accused of leading police on a high-speed chase through Union and Logan counties, has been indicted.

The grand jury has charged Brandy N. Fuqua, 25, of Columbus, with one count of failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer.

According to court documents, on July 6, Fuqua was in a 2005 Chevy station wagon, parked along the side of U.S. 33 near the Logan County line and appeared to be disabled. A passing trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol activated his lights “to check on the well-being of the stranded motorist.”

“As I approached the defendant’s vehicle, I observed the vehicle did not display registration,” the trooper wrote in a statement. “The defendant fled away from the traffic stop, westbound.”

The trooper said he followed the car as it was weaving in and out of its lane and not using turn signals. The trooper reported going about 110 mph to keep up with the car.

According to court documents, the vehicle exited the freeway, ran through a stop sign, crashed into a guardrail, fled and got back onto U.S. 33.

The trooper reported that Fuqua “continued to drive reckless.”

“Marysville troopers attempted to perform a rolling roadblock in an attempt to end the pursuit,” according to court documents. “The defendant drove through the grassy median, into eastbound traffic and became disabled near the left lane.”

Law enforcement officials were able to capture her.

If convicted, Fuqua cold face as many as five years in prison.

Also indicted was:

-Joseph M. Dauer, 55, of Columbus. Dauer is charged with one count of violating a protection order.

According to court documents, on June 23, Dauer met with the mother of his child for a custody exchange.

The victim said she believed Dauer’s license was suspended as was his mothers.’

According to court documents, the woman has a current protection order in place through Franklin County, that indicates Dauer must have a valid driver present to take custody of the child.

The woman told police that she did not want to leave the child with Dauer if there wasn’t a licensed driver to get the child home and she refused to exchange their daughter.

According to court documents, Dauer “became upset and began spitting and pounding on (the victim’s) car.”

Dauer then allegedly threatened to hurt the woman and to have someone else go to her home to hurt her.

The victim videotaped Dauer on her cellphone and took the video to the police.

According to court documents, Dauer has prior domestic violence convictions in 2015, 2010, 2009 and 2007. Additionally, he was convicted of a lesser offense in 2006 that stemmed from an original domestic violence charge. He also has “other domestic violence arrests in the 1990s with unclear dispositions.”

-William Christopher Harry Craig, 21, of West Chester. Craig is charged with one count of vehicular assault stemming from an alleged incident April 9. If convicted, Craig could face as many as 18 months in prison.

-Hayes Johnson, 35, of Columbus. Johnson is charged with one count of receiving stolen property. According to court documents, between Nov. 3 and Nov. 9, Johnson allegedly took control of a truck tailgate, belonging to Coughlin Marysville. If convicted, Johnson could face as many as 12 months in prison.

-Robert Arm, 33, of Cardington. Arm is charged with two counts of forgery and one count each of burglary, theft and theft from a person in a protected class. According to court documents, on May 1, Arm allegedly went into the home of a local woman and stole jewelry.

Additionally, documents allege he also took a check and made it payable to himself for $100. If convicted, Arm could face more than 12 years in prison.

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