Honda Marysville to the rescue


The day began with an outpatient hospital procedure for Walt. His wife, Lynn, was waiting for his discharge when a group gathered at the window and then, quickly, went outside to the parking lot. She followed to see what was going on. A few nurses and others working in the area informed her there was a cat meowing loudly in a car outside and they thought it might need help. Soon the small cat, Lynn described it as a teenager, emerged from the engine of a car and ran over toward another car.
The group of medical personnel wanted to help the cat. They were sure that the loud mewing meant the cat was in trouble. Soon, someone reported that the young cat disappeared into a black Acura. Lynn was driving one that day, but there was another one parked even closer to the door. She believed it was that car they meant, not hers.
When Walt was done, they drove home. As they pulled into the garage, the meowing began again. Oh no, was the cat in their engine? No, maybe it was underneath. Walt insisted on looking under the car, much to Lynn’s displeasure, since she thought he should be taking it easy at that point since he had just had the outpatient procedure. He couldn’t see anything and Lynn now knew, as an animal lover, she had to do something for this little cat.
They decided to take her car to the Honda Marysville dealership to see if someone there could help. Lynn drove very, very slowly, just in case the cat might fall out from under the car. She really didn’t know where it was, but could still hear it. Obviously, this is an accomplished cat, even at a fairly young age, (you’ll see why in a minute), and one that is probably used to taking care of itself.
The short trip seemed to take such a long time because she was driving so slowly. She was afraid the cat might fall out and then she might hit it!
She went to the Honda service department where she knew her friend, Kelly Kramer, would be working. There was a line of people waiting for help, but Lynn knew the cat was somewhere in her car and it was very hot.
At about this point in her story telling, I’m starting to worry that the details were going to get ugly. Lynn assured me, no.
Soon Kelly arrived with Ben, the service technician in charge of the situation, who went under the car to try and find the cat. He saw fur, but no cat, and heard more meowing. Finally he located it. The cat had worked its way into the bumper area where Kelly and Ben assured Lynn, it was padded and pretty comfortable in there and even protected from the heat. Seriously, what was this cat thinking? This could not have been a permanent home.
So now with the car up on the rack, Ben determined that the bumper had to come off, which meant taking apart a lot of things. An hour and a half later, the cat was finally freed.
Lynn and Walt were waiting for some news like it was their child by now! Then out came Ben with the little cat cradled close to his chest. He said, “Here he is and if you don’t want him, I would like to take him. I will give him a good home.”
This was really welcome news to Lynn and Walt since at this point they felt totally responsible for the little cat.
Now comes time for the bill. Lynn explained they would pay for the time spent to retrieve the little guy. Right away the answer was, “No, it’s on us.” They were handed a printout, which said, “Cat in bumper – retrieved cat. No charge.” Honda of Marysville really came through for them in what could’ve been an ugly situation. Apparently, this happens several times a month, and not always with a good outcome because sometimes it’s a wild animal.
Lynn decided to keep the staff at Memorial Hospital in the loop, since they had been so concerned about the welfare of the cat. She reported that not only did it ride home in their car, but also they got it out, and the cat has a new home. Of course, the healthcare workers had been wondering all day what happened to the little guy.
So, all went well. Walt’s procedure was over and a cat’s life was saved. It’s all in a days work. Just think, that cat might’ve been trapped in the bumper too long.
It’s so nice to report really good customer service. The cat did pretty well in the end. He has a new home with the service technician, Ben, of Honda Marysville.
Oh yes, this was also Lynn’s birthday, one she won’t forget!
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