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This is our time to review some very interesting questions. These questions may send your mind wondering, who is the wacko who thought of these things? I decided they were interesting because they send our minds thinking in all different directions and that some people would obviously answer yes, and others would answer no. So I’m going to follow through with a few for you and tell you how I’m thinking, and then you will have an opportunity for your thoughts.
Our first question is, “Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?” What? I have to have all doors, kitchen cabinets, bathroom doors and drawers and certainly my closet doors closed? To me it just looks messy. I think I probably couldn’t go to sleep if I could see that across the room. What about you? Do you care?
Then we have, ”Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?” I am one of those people who don’t. I believe it has always seemed like a form of moderate stealing. I have stayed in hotels with others including both friends and family members, who believe that it is just part of the room rate. Maybe it is, but I’m not one of those who take that stuff home.
Next, “Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?” I have the sheets tucked in at the bottom of the bed like I think most people do and on the side they are loose. I can’t imagine how tight that would seem if you had the sheets tucked in all the way up. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to put your thoughts together.
Now here’s a beauty of a question, “Have you stolen a street sign before?” Of course, I have not! Sadly, however, I knew some people who did that in their teenage years. It was a stop sign and they were ordered to return it. Think of the danger of not having a necessary stop sign.
Who could say no to this? “Do you like to use post-it notes?” I think they’re fantastically convenient and actually stay up on a wall or a package or a door or whatever for quite some time. Now I do know a woman who was leaving notes for her new husband and I don’t think it was a friendly greeting.
There were, according to that story from long ago, many notes on the front door of a hotel room and we were all just laughing about that recently. It seems he had been in a business meeting and got separated from his wife who was supposed to meet him at the tour of Epcot including cocktails. It’s way too long a story to recount again, but I remember that Dan and I had to help the husband get life straightened out after that since we were with him apparently in the wrong place. We also remember the post-it notes … they stayed put!
How about this question – “Do you cut out coupons, but then never use them?” I like to cut out coupons as my husband always says, if you saw a dollar on the floor you’d pick it up, right? I agree with that and it’s a simple thing to do. I’ll have them loaded together, but I’m not sometimes so organized. I’ll get to the checkout and still have three coupons left. That is very frustrating and sincerely I have found out that if you don’t have the item with you at the checkout, surprisingly, they don’t want to take the discount.
I love this question. “Do you always smile for pictures?” There is a family member with whom I have found myself in the same picture many times over the years. He is a male. You won’t be surprised at that. But he has this wacky smile. It’s never a real one nor is it a frown, but it’s just a kind of spread the mouth open really wide and let your teeth show. Oh my gosh, every time I see it, I call it that wacky grin.
Our final question for the day is this beauty – “What is your biggest pet peeve?” I’ll bet as soon as you read this you already had two or three favorite pet peeves, but for me it is still just one that I’ve mentioned in this column many times. I find it irritating when people take out their cell phone and have a full conversation about something, maybe work related, or their latest diet or whatever, that doesn’t involve the other people around them. They will continue to talk in a loud manner often in airports, restaurants or other places, and be what I consider totally irritating. I’ll bet you have some things that are just as irritating to you.
Now we are almost a whole month into 2020. Did you make a resolution? That might be also a crazy peeve of mine. I try not to make resolutions, because I don’t do well with them. Here are some things that might be helpful for this year with your resolutions – eat healthy, lose weight (go to a gym), drink less, don’t argue about politics, and on day three, start over. Finally, ask for a refund on the gym membership.
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