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Both aces, but not the same
This is a tale of two very different aces. The first hole-in-one was mine and since it’s my column and I have pictures courtesy of my friends, I will begin with me. The two exciting times on the golf course had opposite outcomes.
Here’s my story. It’s a time all golfers hope for, but most never attain. I certainly thought this would never happen in my golf game. We were just talking a few days ago about how much real luck is involved in a hole-in-one … and maybe some skill.
It was my last day on vacation and the golf skills I might have once had, seemed to have left me. I thought I might just give up the game. Then came the 18th hole. I was glad to have the round almost over. It was an uphill par 3 about 140 yards. We were hot and tired.
I swung the club and it went right toward the hole. I thought that when it landed it rolled past the hole. The pin was in the middle of the green. My friends were watching and screamed, “It went in.” What? I was sure they were wrong. They beat me to the hole and all started yelling. There it was, inside the cup. Sure wish I could have seen it go in, as you do on TV.
There was much excitement and some drink buying, usually required by the golfer. I was still in shock! One golf partner sent an email to all 20 some golfers in our group, some not there that day. Many good wishes followed.
Now for a completely different story. My friend, Cici, was playing golf at her club near Chicago. It was Ladies Guest Day and her partner/guest was a very agile (well maybe), but slightly overweight 80-year-old.
Cici hit her drive and it headed toward the par 3 green. She couldn’t see where it landed. Her guest hit her drive and it went to the right and into the creek, and she walked over to see the ball in the water.
Meanwhile, Cici had arrived at the green and spied her ball in the cup with two other players looking on. They were surprised and high-fiving the hole-in-one. But that was short lived. The group looked for the guest and saw that she had leaned over to get her ball out of the water and the grassy bank gave way. She fell in, was yelling for help and couldn’t get out because it was too deep.
All three women ran to the bank and Cici jumped in to the mucky water. She was now up to her armpits in water and had her hands under the woman’s bottom trying to push her out. Cici kept sinking in the mud. Another player called the pro shop on her cell phone and when the pro arrived, it took the three women and the golf pro to get her out. Egad!
The guest was wet, dirty and embarrassed, but OK. After all that, no one even cared that Cici had a hole-in-one. So sad for a usually, only once in a lifetime accomplishment!
(Melanie Behrens –, now a member of the hole-in-one club!)



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