Jerome eyes new businesses


Some new businesses could be on their way to Jerome Township.
At the regular meeting of the township zoning commission Monday, the board discussed some of the projects that will be up for consideration at the next meeting of the township trustees, May 6.
Mark Spagnuolo, zoning inspector for the township, said there is going to be a multi-tenant building coming to the Dublin Green development area.
“Three of the four tenants will be Tropical Smoothie, a Verizon store and The Casual Pint,” Spagnuolo said. “Of the three, The Casual Pint will be a quieter sports bar type place with specialty beers and wines and light food service.”
The building application is being submitted by Carney Ranker Architects, the same company working with the Village of Plain City on the construction of their new municipal building. Spagnuolo added he is excited to have some restaurant options coming to the township.
Another item on Monday’s agenda was a rezoning of a piece of land on Industrial Parkway from commerce district to regional retail. The site is being considered for rezoning at the request of a microbrewery business that is looking to open a location in the township.
“If this is approved, the applicant will apply for a zoning certificate and if they comply with the regional retail requirements, they can move forward with coming in,” Spagnuolo said. “The thinking behind rezoning the land to regional retail is so that a plan will be in place for businesses to come in. Rather than rezoning a small area, we’re doing this parcel so that if the brewery doesn’t end up coming in, other places like it could have the option. Regional retail options are not incompatible with the existing plan.”
The commission also looked at a zoning amendment that would rezone land behind the Jerome Fire Department.
“Originally, the land was planned to be used for a school and a park,” Spagnuolo said. “If approved, it would be changed to single-family residential.” Spagnuolo added the Jonathan Alder Local School District has said they have no interest in the property as a future school location. The zoning commission plans to revise that area to be two units per acre. The proposed use of the property would be single-family residential with the same lot sizes and standards as New California Hills.
The zoning commission meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 7 p.m.

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