Behrens, Williamson post best Pigskin Pickers week


Publisher Kevin Behrens, the defending Pickers champion, and managing editor Chad Williamson each posted 8-3 records during last week’s slate of Pigskin Pickers games.
Sports writer Sam Dillon, reporter Mac Cordell and sports editor Tim Miller were a game behind at 7-4.
Cordell and Dillon are tied for the season lead at 25-6, while Behrens and Williamson are 24-7.
Miller stands at 22-9.
Our guest pickers are Bob Van Hoose of Bob Van Hoose Garage Doors and Sales; Scotts Weeks of Weeks Plumbing, Dave Laslow of Burger King, Dean Cook of Dean Cook Nationwide Insurance, Rob Eubanks of Eubanks Electric and Kellie O’Connors of Buckeye Family Pizzeria.
Van Hoose, Weeks and Cook each posted 7-4 records, while Laslow, Eubanks and O’Connors were 6-5.
Marysville-Grove City
Willamson: Marysville by 18
Miller: Marysville by 7
Behrens: MHS by 1
Cordell: Monarchs by 11
Dillon: Marysville by 6
Van Hoose: Marysville by 6
Weeks: Marysville by 7
Laslow: Marysville by 7
Cook: Marysville by 6
Eubanks: Marysville by 14
O’Connors: Marysville by 6
Williamson: Greenon by 10
Miller: Greenon by 6
Behrens: GHS by 2
Cordell: Knights by 4
Dillon: Greenon by 10
Van Hoose: Fairbanks by 7
Weeks: Fairbanks by 3
Laslow: Fairbanks by 7
Cook: Fairbanks by 14
Eubanks: Fairbanks by 7
O’Connors: Fairbanks by 3
North Union-London
Willamson: London by 3
Miller: London by 7
Behrens: LHS by 3
Cordell: Red Raiders by 4
Dillon: London by 1
Van Hoose: North Union by 7
Weeks: North Union by 3
Laslow: North Union by 3
Cook: North Union by 7
Eubanks: North Union by 3
O’Connors: NU by 6
Jon Alder-Urbana
Williamson: Jonathan Alder by 35
Miller: Jonathan Alder by 28
Behrens: JAHS by 5
Cordell: Pioneers by 56
Dillon: Jonathan Alder by 24
Van Hoose: Jonathan Alder by 21
Weeks: Jonathan Alder by 14
Laslow: Jonathan Alder by 7
Cook: Jonathan Alder by 12
Eubanks: Jonathan Alder by 14
O’Connors: Jonathan Alder by 21
Williamson: Greeneview by 6
Miller: Greeneview
Behrens: GHS by 6
Cordell: Rams by11
Dillon: Greeneview by 3
Van Hoose: Triad by 3
Weeks: Triad by 7
Laslow: Triad by 7
Cook: Triad by 6
Eubanks: Triad by 3
O’Connors: Triad by 7
Williamson: Bengals by 9
Miller: Bills by 3
Behrens: Bills by 7
Cordell: Buffalo by 3
Dillon: Bills by 6
Van Hoose: Bills by 6
Weeks: Bills by 7
Laslow: Bills by 7
Cook: Bills by 3
Eubanks: Bengals by 7
O’Connors: Bengals by 7
Williamson: Rams by 6
Miller: Rams by 7
Behrens: Rams by 8
Cordell: L.A. by 12
Dillon: Rams by 7
Van Hoose: Browns by 6
Weeks: Rams by 14
Laslow: Browns by 7
Cook: Browns by 3
Eubanks: Browns by 3
O’Connors: Browns by 6
Ohio State-Miami (Ohio)
Williamson: OSU by 24
Miller: OSU by 28
Behrens: OSU by 9
Cordell: Buckeyes by 34
Dillon: Ohio St. by 14
Van Hoose: OSU by 35
Weeks: OSU by 28
Laslow: OSU by 7
Cook: OSU by 38
Eubanks: OSU by 21
O’Connors: OSU by 28
Notre Dame-Georgia
Williamson: Georgia by 9
Miller: Georgia by 6
Behrens: Georgia by 10
Cordell: Dawgs by 2
Dillon: Georgia by 11
Van Hoose: Georgia by 3
Weeks: Georgia by 3
Laslow: Notre Dame by 7
Cook: Notre Dame by 3
Eubanks: Notre Dame by 7
O’Connors: Notre Dame by 6
Williamson: Michigan by 7
Miller: Wisconsin by 6
Behrens: Wisconsin by 11
Cordell: Wolverines by 2
Dillon: Wisconsin by 6
Van Hoose: Wisconsin by 6
Weeks: Wisconsin by 3
Laslow: Wisconsin by 7
Cook: Wisconsin by 6
Eubanks: Wisconsin by 3
O’Connors: Wisconsin by 7
Auburn-Texas A&M
Williamson: Auburn by 10
Miller: Auburn by 7
Behrens: A&M by 12
Cordell: Aggies by 1
Dillon: Texas A&M by 7
Van Hoose: A&M by 6
Weeks: Auburn by 7
Laslow: Texas A&M by 7
Cook: Auburn by 14
Eubanks: A&M by 7
O’Connors: Auburn by 14
Williamson: “The Monarchs will roll this week and get back on track against the Greyhounds. I don’t know if anyone has been to a game at Grove City, but that community turns out for games, even when the team is garbage. Two years ago I was really impressed to see people standing 10-deep around the fence for a team that had lost 15 straight games. They also have central Ohio’s best high school band, which is saying something having watched Marysville all these years. Jon Alder’s offense will suffer blisters from running up and down the field so much. There are some good college games this week and I really wish Michigan had a couple more easy games to figure this offense out before playing a tough opponent. I’m taking the Wolverines, but I’m not at all confident in the pick.
Miller: “I look for the Monarchs to bounce back from last Friday’s tough trip to Findlay.”
Behrens: “My UCF pick worked out last week to get me back within in a game of falling knife Cordell and Jim Dandy Dillon. Let’s see how the Badgers do this week over the Wolverines.”
Cordell: “I covered Marysville last week and had a super-long car ride to think about what went wrong. Marysville was a couple bad bounces away from a win in tough road conditions. G.C. is not the team Findlay is and I think the Monarchs steamroll the Hounds and find their footing again. Greenon has a QB named Cade Rice. I fear the boys from Milford Center are going to get an eyeful of why he is a legitimate D-1 recruit.”
Dillon: “I had an awful week last week and need to find some confidence. This week is not the week for that. Tough college schedule to pick and I am torn by my North Union pick. London is coming into a season with two years of playoff experience, but has also lost some depth. NU has to find themselves after a tough loss last week. Tough all-around.”
Van Hoose: “Go Bucks!”
Weeks: “Go Bucks!”
Laslow: “Go Bucks!”
Cook: “Looks like Ryan Day has Ohio State right where we want them. Hopefully Coach Johnson can get the boys back on track. GO MONARCHS!”
Eubanks: “Go Bucks!”
O’Connors: Go Bucks!”

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