Behrens, Williamson tied for Pigskin Pickers lead


Now that customer golf season is over, publisher Kevin Behrens is making his move toward the top of the Pigskin Pickers.
He posted the only winning record during a small slate of games with a 4-1 record last week.
Behrens and managing editor Chad Williamson (2-3) are now tied at the top with records of 63-18.
Sports editor Tim Miller is just a game off their pace.
Miller went 2-3 for the week and is 62-19 for the season.
Reporter Mac Cordell continues to fall like a knife and sports writer Sam Dillon also finished with 2-3 records.
Cordell stands at 61-20 for the season, while Dillon is 58-23.
There are no games this week in college football that match No. 25 opponents against each other.
Ohio State’s game at Maryland has been canceled due to the virus.
Our guest Pickers are Dave Laslow of Burger King, Dean Cook of Dean Cook Nationwide Insurance, Bob Van Hoose of Van Hoose Garage Doors and Rob Eubanks of Eubanks Electric.
Williamson: Browns by 6
Miller: Browns by 3
Behrens: Texans by 1
Cordell: Cleveland by 9
Dillon: Browns by 6
Laslow: Browns by 7
Cook: Browns by 7
Van Hoose: Browns by 7
Eubanks: Browns by 6
Williamson: Steelers by 10
Miller: Steelers by 7
Behrens: Steelers by 2
Cordell: Pittsburgh by 13
Dillon: Steelers by 3
Laslow: Steelers by 7
Cook: Steelers by 2
Van Hoose: Steelers by six
Eubanks Steelers by 7:
Williamson: Iowa 7
Miller: Minnesota by 6
Behrens: Iowa by 3
Cordell: Gophers by 4
Dillon: Iowa by 6
Laslow: Iowa by 6
Cook: Iowa by 7
Van Hoose: Gophers by 3
Eubanks: Gophers by 6
Williamson: Wisconsin by 1
Miller: Wisconsin by 7
Behrens: Wisconsin by 4
Cordell: Badgers by 6
Dillon: Wisconsin by 3
Laslow: Wisconsin by 7
Cook: Wisconsin by 7
Van Hoose: Wisconsin by 6
Eubanks: Wisconsin by 3
Cincinnati-E. Carolina
Williamson: UC by 9
Miller: UC by 6
Behrens: UC by 5
Cordell: Bearcats by 9
Dillon: UC by 6
Laslow: Cincinnati by 7
Cook: UC by 7
Van Hoose: UC by 3
Eubanks: UC by 7
Williamson: “OK, I picked against Michigan so you guys can quit putting them on the schedule now. There was no reason for them to be on the schedule this week anyway, except for the fact that these clowns like to back me into a corner when Michigan isn’t good. Michigan stinks this year. I’m not picking them, so your advantage is finished. Go back to the circus.”
Miller: “Let’s hope UC continues its hot streak during a very weird season.”
Behrens: “Common Sense Corner-Kayleen Petrovia acknowledged that this disclaimer should include the fact that the cream does rise to the top, which is nice. Also word on the street is Jim Dandy Dillon needs help with his picks to pass The Falling Knife Cordell-Slingshot engaged.”
Cordell: “This season has been no fun! I can’t get up for the big games. I know the minute I know that the minute I get invested, my heart is going to get ripped out!”
Dillon: “Are we there yet? The end of this season?”
Laslow: “No Bucks”
Cook: “No Bucks”
Van Hoose: “No Bucks”
Eubanks: “No Bucks”

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