Carp tournament to help with fish problem


A common carp glieds through the water looking for a meal. The common carp is the only fish in the carp family to have barbels at the corners of their mouths.
(Coutesy photo)
The Richwood Lake has a bit of a problem. There are too many common carp in the lake. In an effort to take care of the issue, along with having some fun in the process, the Village of Richwood will host a Carp Fishing Tournament to help eradicate the over population of carp.
The tournament will take place at Richwood Lake Park on August 12. Registration for the event will start at 8 a.m. with fishing to start at 8:30 and run till 12:30 p.m.
“We have plenty of carp,” said George Showalter, care taker at Richwood Lake. “We can haul them out by the hundreds.”
Prizes will be handed out to the angler with the largest fish and most fish caught. Rules for the tournament are that each angler can only use a maximum of two fishing rods and all fish must be weighed alive. This is a catch and keep tournament to help with the carp problem, said Showalter.
“We have a scale that goes up to 50 pounds,” said Showalter. “I’m sure we are going to be getting some fish that will test the limits of the scale.”

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