FHS boys win OHC track title; Lady Panthers second


Fairbanks’ boys track and field team amassed 172 points to win the recent Ohio Heritage Conference North Division meet.
The Panthers were followed by West Liberty-163, Northeastern-69, Mechanicsburg-48, Triad-45 and West Jefferson-20.
West Liberty claimed the girls’ title with 210 points and FHS was the runner-up with 117.
The Lady Panthers were followed by West Jefferson-62, Northeastern-52, Triad-45 and Mechanicsburg-22.
The meet was held at Greenon High School.
Top five finishes for Fairbanks and Triad athletes were as follows:
-100 dash: Beau Sloan (F), first, 11.02; Braden Fairchild (F), fifth, 12.01;
-200 dash: Sloan (F), first, 22.63; Will Cochrane (F), fifth, 24.57;
-400 dash: Kyle Craig (F), third, 53.37; Alex Adkins (F), fourth, 53.83: Andrew O’Neal (T), fifth, 1:00.0;
-800 run: O’Neal (T), second, 2:11.50; Ben Macklin (F), fourth, 2:12.88;
-1600 run: Aidan Groves (F), first, 4:48.58; Jeremy Ziegler (F), fourth, 5:08.36; Chris Roy (T), fifth, 5:12.89;
-3200 run: Groves (F), third, 10:59.57; Ziegler (F), fourth, 11:17.56;
-110 hurdles: Nate Timmons (F), first, 15.96; William Findley (F), second, 16.16; Dominick McFarland (T), third, 16.80;
-300 hurdles: McFarland (T), first, 42.49; Timmons (F), second, 42.99;
-4 x 100 relay: Fairbanks, third, 46.83 (Fairchild, Cochrane), Joey Burnett, Zach Stewart); Triad, fourth, 49.50 (McFarland, Jackson Lightle, Ian Crabtree, Dylan Tassell);
-4 x 200 relay: Fairbanks, first, 1:34.68 (Sloan, Timmons, Cochrane), Stewart); Triad, fourth, 1:43.41 (McFarland, Lightle, O’Neal, Van Tassell);
-4 x 400 relay: Fairbanks, second, 3:36.47 (Sloan, Adkins, Cochrane, Craig);
-4 x 800 relay: Fairbanks, first, 8:48.16 (Adkins, Macklin, Trey Good, Groves);
-High jump: Braylon Green (F), third, 5-6; Burnett, (F), fourth, 5-4;
-Long jump: Timmons, (F), first, 19-3.75; Green (F), third, 18-4.25;
-Shot put: Parker Horn (F), first, 43-3.5; Riley Louck (T), fourth, 40-2.5; Harley Huffman (T), first, 38-8;
-Discus: Bryant Fannin (F), second, 113-3; Sam Rengert (F), third, 110-5; Lightle, (T) fifth, 104-1;
-100 dash: Lindsey Eddy (F), third, 13.71;
-200 dash: Alea Ferguson (T), second, 28.2; Eddy (F), fourth, 28.83; Kasey Carstensen (F), fifth, 30.0;
-400 dash: Ferguson (T), second, 1:04.95;
-800 run: Kaidie Carstensen (F), second, 2:32.52; Gracie Hubbs (F), fifth, 2:45.24;
-1600 run: Adeline Fitzwater (F), third, 5:52.47: Holly Cole (T), fourth, 5:56.09; Kalor Greve (F), fifth, 6:08.34;
-3200 run: Cole, (T), second, 12:51.69; Fitzwater (F), third, 13:37.16; Greve (F), fourth, 13:55.82;
-100 hurdles: Piper Huston (F), second, 18.27;
-300 hurdles: Kayla Green (F), first, 47.57; Huston (F), fourth, 55.62;
-4 x 100 relay: Fairbanks, third, 55.77 (Eddy, Huston, Meghan Wenger, Lily Dellinger); Triad, fourth, 56.11 (Lydia Wenger, Baylie Plank, Ashley Cave, Ferguson);
– 4 x 200 relay: Fairbanks, second, 1:53.39 (Green, Kas. Carstensen, Samantha Adkins, Coree Gifford); Triad, third, 2:02.07 (Wenger, Cave, Abby Walls, Ferguson);
-4 x 400 relay: Fairbanks, second, 4:22.08 (Green, Gifford, Kas. Carstensen, Adkins);
-4 x 800 relay: Fairbanks, second, 10:21.67 (Kai. Carstensen, Greve, Fitzwater, Green);
-High jump: Meghan McCaslin (F), third, 4-8;
-Long jump: Megan Olson (F), fourth, 13-7.75;
-Shot put: Emma Vanninen (T), third, 27-9; Juliet Palmer (F), fifth, 25-10;
-Discus: Lauren Coy (F), third, 75-0; Taylor Wells (F), fourth, 70-7.

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