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Opening-round results have been tallied for the Union County Junior Golf Academy-Tour.
The season’s initial event was held at Timberview Golf Club on Tuesday.
The Tour boys played 18 holes, while the Tour girls had to stop on the 16th hole due to inclement weather.
The Academy boys and girls played their nine holes.
Results were as follows:
Tour boys
Logan Bocsy-82, A.J. Fisher-84, Travis Brake-93, Caden Fulkerson-93, Andrew Crowe-96, Noah Rausch-104, Andy Higinbotham-108, Egan O’Hara-109, Wes McHenry-111, Zach Riegel-114, Alex Crowe-116, Aidan O’Hara-117, Grant Hamm-121.
Academy girls
Veronique Grand-51, Payton Price-60, Mary Weisburn-61, Gabby Vamos-62, Shelby Jones-65, Caitlyn Johnson-76, Reese Cordonnier-87.
Tour girls
(through 15 holes)
Cassady VanDyke-88, Samantha Zaborowski-88, Olivia Ishmael-90, Rylee Cavens-94, Carly Lehman-96.
Academy boys
Jonathon Cusack-51, Aiden Grome-64, Will Mason-77, Jackson Burns-78, Finn Edie-78, Tristan Tague-80, Madden Ungerer-81, Andy Agner-83.

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