Monarch senior QB will continue career at Heidelberg University


Marysville High School senior quarterback Nate Morey looks for a receiver downfield during a 2019 game. Morey will continue his gridiron career at Heidelberg University.

(Journal-Tribune by Chad Williamson)

It’s difficult for a senior to step in and start at an important position for the first time in his or her athletic career.

Marysville High School’s Nate Morey, however, was able to do just that for the Monarch football squad last fall.

“Nate had to work hard throughout the program over the years,” said MHS head coach Brent Johnson. “He worked to earn the starting quarterback spot and that will help him on the college level.”

Morey will move up the gridiron ladder this coming fall with the Heidelberg University squad.

“I had looked at Marietta and Wilmington and had gone through a workout at West Liberty State (in West Virginia),” said Morey. “I went to a camp at Heidelberg last summer and the coaches showed a big belief in me.”

Morey was No. 2 on the Monarch depth chart behind Walker Heard when he was a sophomore and junior.

“Walker is a great friend and he was a great leader for us,” said Morey, who added those two seasons were a learning process for him.

By the time his senior season rolled around, Morey felt he was ready to accept the keys to the Monarch offense.

“I think I did a good job of running the offense,” he said. “I can read defenses and I feel I kept the guys on track.

“I felt I was in control and that has helped prepare me for the college game.”

Morey did not have to pass the ball that much out of Marysville’s Wing T offense.

He completed 81 of 130 passes for 870 yards and a touchdown as the Monarchs (6-5) earned a Division I state playoff berth for the first time in several years.

That will change with the Student Princes’ spread offense.

“Nate will learn more about the passing game at Heidelberg,” said Johnson. “He will quickly pick up on the reads a quarterback has to make in the passing game.

“He’s going to do fine in the Ohio Athletic Conference.”

“There will be a lot more passing in Heidelberg’s offense than what I did in high school,” agreed Morey. “It’s going to be a challenge to make quicker throws out of the shotgun. However, I think I’ll be able to make a good transition.

“I think it’s going to be a better fit for me than the Wing T.”

If there is one thing that Morey doesn’t lack transitioning from high school to college football, it’s confidence.

“That’s where Nate made his most progress with our program,” said Johnson. “He waited his turn, but he’s very confident in his ability.

“He does not take mistakes lightly,” said the Monarch coach. “He learns from them and he always wants to do things the right way.”

Heidelberg lost a senior starting quarterback from last year’s team.

That means the Student Princes’ signal-calling spot will need to be determined once the preseason begins in a few months.

“I know their backup quarterback is returning,” said Morey. “The coaches, though, have told me the spot is wide open.

“I’m not going to worry about whether I will start,” he said. “I’m just going to go up there and compete every day.”

Morey isn’t quite sure what his course of study will be at the Tiffin-based school.

However, he does have it narrowed down to a couple of choices.

He will either study business or education.

“If I go the business route, I eventually would like to become a firefighter,” he said. “If I go into education and teaching, I also want to be a football coach.”

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