New leader emerges in Pigskin Pickers race


There is a new King of the Winter Hill Gang (at least for this week) in the Pigskin Pickers race.
Sports writer Sam Dillon moved past publisher Kevin Behrens for top honors, based on his 7-3 mark last week.
Dillon now stands at 78-28 for the season.
Behrens, who went 6-4, is now in second place at 77-29.
Reporter Mac Cordell had the week’s best record at 8-2.
He is a game behind Behrens at 76-30.
There was a log jam at 7-3. Besides Dillon, managing editor Chad Williamson, sports editor Tim Miller and reporter Will Channell all went 7-3.
Williamson and Miller are tied for the season at 73-33, while Channell is right behind them at 72-34.
This week’s guest Pickers are Dean Cook, Dave Laslow and Bob Van Hoose.
We have only one high school game this week as Fairbanks was the only local school to earn a state playoff berth.
Fairbanks-Fort Frye
Williamson: Fairbanks by 6
Miller: Fairbanks by 3
Behrens: Fairbanks by 1
Cordell: Panthers by 4
Dillon: Fairbanks by 2
Channell: Fairbanks by 6
Cook: Fairbanks by 3
Laslow: FHS by 6
Van Hoose: Fairbanks by 6
Ohio State-Nebraska
Williamson: OSU by 24
Miller: OSU by 20
Behrens: OSU by 2
Cordell: Buckeyes by 26
Dillon: OSU by 14
Channell: OSU by 9
Cook: OSU by 14
Laslow: OSU by 21
Van Hoose: OSU by 28
Michigan-Penn State
Williamson: Michigan by 12
Miller: Michigan by 6
Behrens: Michigan by 3
Cordell: Wolverines by 2
Dillon: Michigan by 7
Channell: Michigan by 9
Cook: Michigan by 6
Laslow: Penn State by 6
Van Hoose: Michigan by 6
Williamson: Alabama by 10
Miller: Alabama by 7
Behrens: Bama by 4
Cordell: Tide by 19
Dillon: Alabama by 14
Channell: Alabama by 9
Cook: LSU by 3
Laslow: LSU by 6
Van Hoose: LSU by 6
Texas-West Virginia
Williamson: Texas by 9
Miller: Texas by 6
Behrens: WVU by 5
Cordell: Mountaineers by 4
Dillon: Texas by 3
Channell: Texas by 9
Cook: West Virginia by 12
Laslow: Texas by 6
Van Hoose: West Virginia by 7
Williamson: Georgia by 14
Miller: Georgia by 7
Behrens: Georgia by 7
Cordell: Dawgs by 16
Dillon: Georgia by 10
Channell: Georgia by 9
Cook: Georgia by 14
Laslow: Kentucky by 7
Van Hoose: Kentucky by 6
Williamson: Chiefs by 13
Miller: Chiefs by 7
Behrens: Chiefs by 8
Cordell: Kansas City by 16
Dillon: Chiefs by 3
Channell: Browns by 9
Cook: Chiefs by 10
Laslow: Browns by 3
Van Hoose: Chiefs by 14
Williamson: “Michigan continues its revenge tour at Penn State on Saturday. I also think Kentucky gets exposed this week against the Georgia running game.”
Miller: “Wishing the Panthers good luck at Fort Frye on Friday.”
Behrens: “I went with the long shots the past two weeks and it didn’t pan out, so I am taking the low hanging fruit this week. Unfortunately that includes Michigan because McSorely is hurt for Penn St.”
Cordell: “If there is a team in the country that can beat ‘Bama, it is LSU. They have a great secondary that can disguise coverages, read plays and get to the ball. Even so, I think Alabama gives them a lesson and keeps their spot at the top of the rankings. Some teams can handle the pressure at the top…others obviously can’t.”
Dillon: “The tortoise always beats the hare. Behrens blasted out of the gate to the top of the pack, but I was always on his heels waiting for my moment. It final came last week.”
Channell: “Go luck to the local team!”
Cook: “Good luck to the Panthers and Go Bucks!”
Laslow: “Good luck to the Panthers and Go Bucks! I’m also a die-hard Browns fan.”
Van Hoose: “Good luck to the Panthers and Go Bucks!”

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