Nothing has changed in Pigskin Pickers battle


The Pigskin Pickers race pretty much stayed the same this week as four competitors posted records of 7-3.
The real story of the week, however, was basement dweller and sports writer Sam Dillon’s top mark of 8-2.
His effort left him at 91-41 for the season, still two games from escaping the back of the pack.
Publisher Kevin Behrens, sports editor Tim Miller, reporter Mac Cordell and managing editor Chad Williams were all tied with their .700 marks for the week.
Leader in the club house-Behrens, at 98-34, holds a one-game lead over both Miller and Cordell (both at 97-35).
Williamson is only two games off the pace set by Miller and Cordell with an overall record of 95-37.
Reporter Will Channell, who went 6-4 last week, stands at 93-39 for the season.
Our guest Pickers again this week are Dean Cook, Dave Laslow, Kevin Truitt and Bob Van Hoose.
Williamson: Broncos by 6
Miller: Broncos by 7
Behrens: Broncos by 1
Cordell: Denver by 6
Channell: Bengals by 9
Dillon: Broncos by 6
Cook: Broncos by 12
Laslow: Bengals by 6
Truitt: Bengals by 6
Van Hoose: Bengals by 7
Williamson: Jaguars by 3
Miller: Jaguars by 7
Behrens: Jaguars by 2
Cordell: Cleveland by 2
Channell: Jaguars by 9
Dillon: Jaguars by 14
Cook: Jaguars by 14
Laslow: Browns by 7
Truitt: Jaguars by 6
Van Hoose: Jaguars by 7
Williamson: OSU by 20
Miller: OSU by 21
Behrens: OSU by 3
Cordell: Buckeyes by 47
Channell: OSU by 9
Dillon: OSU by 10
Cook: OSU by 20
Laslow: OSU by 21
Truitt: OSU by 28
Van Hoose: OSU by 21
Williamson: Michigan by 7
Miller: Wisconsin by 6
Behrens: Wisconsin by 4
Cordell: Badgers by 6
Channell: Wisconsin by 9
Dillon: Wisconsin by 3
Cook: Wisconsin by 10
Laslow: Michigan by 6
Truitt: Wisconsin by 6
Van Hoose: Michigan by 7
Williamson: Miami by 18
Miller: Miami by 17
Behrens: Miami by 5
Cordell: Hurricanes by 19
Channell: Miami by 9
Dillon: Miami by 9
Cook: Miami by 10
Laslow: Miami by 7
Truitt: Miami by 14
Van Hoose: Miami by 12
Penn State-Nebraska
Williamson: Penn State by 10
Miller: Penn State by 12
Behrens: Penn State by 6
Cordell: Lions by 16
Channell: Penn State by 9
Dillon: Penn State by 7
Cook: Penn State by 21
Laslow: Penn State by 17
Truitt: Penn State by 14
Van Hoose: Penn State by 10
Notre Dame-Navy
Williamson: Notre Dame by 13
Miller: Notre Dame by 7
Behrens: ND by 7
Cordell: Irish by 16
Channell: Notre Dame by 9
Dillon: Notre Dame by 7
Cook: Notre Dame by 17
Laslow: Notre Dame by 7
Truitt: Notre Dame by 7
Van Hoose: Notre Dame by 10
Williamson: “It all comes down to the Michigan-Wisconsin game this week. Of course I’m going to take the Wolverines, but I am nowhere near confident in the pick. If Michigan can find success running the ball it should be a decent game.”
Miller: “The Buckeyes should roll to an easy victory, ahead of their big battle with the Wolverines.”
Behrens: “Kind of interesting Cordell is now a meteorologist.”
Cordell: “This feels like the calm before the storm. I absolutely believe Cleveland has a chance to win. I do not believe Cleveland will go winless, so the trick is to figure out where the win is going to come from.”
Channell: “My dad was in the Navy, so I feel bad about picking Notre Dame. That said, I’m picking Notre Dame.”
Dillon: “There’s a glimmer of hope for my Picker season, but I’m not holding my breathe.”


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