Pair of Pickers post perfect performances; Williamson back in lone possession of first place in tight race


Managing editor Chad Williamson and sports writer Sam Dillon both posted perfect records during last week’s Pigskin Pickers.
There were only five games on the schedule, due to cancellations.
Williamson and Dillon each went 5-0.
Williamson got lucky and moves back into the top spot by himself. He has a 68-18 record for the season.
Publisher Kevin Behrens slipped back into second place for now with a 4-1 mark. He is 67-19 for the year.
Sports editor Tim Miller posted a 4-1 record for the week and is a game behind Behrens at 66-20.
Reporter Mac Cordell won four of the five games but continues to slip like a knife and is 65-21.
Dillon, despite his 5-0 record, remains at the bottom of the list and is the odds-on favorite to buy pizza with a 63-23 mark.
Our guest Pickers are Dave Laslow of Burger King, Dean Cook of Dean Cook Nationwide Insurance, Bob Van Hoose of Van Hoose Garage Doors and Rob Eubanks of Eubanks Electric.
Williamson: Browns by 10
Miller: Browns by 3
Behrens: Browns by 1
Cordell: Cleveland by 6
Dillon: Browns by 3
Laslow: Browns by 7
Cook: Browns by 14
Van Hoose: Browns by 6
Eubanks: Browns by 4
Williamson: Bengals by 3
Miller: Bengals by 3
Behrens: was known as Redskins by 2
Cordell: Football Team by 3
Dillon: Bengals by 3
Laslow: Bengals by 7
Cook: Bengals by 3
Van Hoose: Bengals by 6
Eubanks: Bengals by 13
Ohio State-Indiana
Williamson: OSU by 17
Miller: OSU by 28
Behrens: OSU by 3
Cordell: Buckeyes by 22
Dillon: Ohio State by 14
Laslow: OSU by 21
Cook: OSU by 21
Van Hoose: OSU by 21
Eubanks: OSU by 17
Oklahoma State-Oklahoma
Williamson: OK State by 9
Miller: OK State by 7
Behrens: Okie St. by 4
Cordell: Pokes by 3
Dillon: Oklahoma State by 1
Laslow: OK State by 3
Cook: Oklahoma by 3
Van Hoose: OK State by 6
Eubanks: OK State by 6
Williamson: Wisconsin by 10
Miller: Wisconsin by 7
Behrens: Badgers by 5
Cordell: Badgers by 19
Dillon: Wisconsin by 10
Laslow: Wisconsin by 7
Cook: Northwestern by 6
Van Hoose: Wisconsin by 7
Eubanks: Wisconsin by 13
Williamson: “Pro games are a little tough by this week, but beyond that things are pretty cut and dry. It’s amazing that this football season has been shortened, but seems overly long at the same time.”
Miller: “There have already been 14 college games canceled for the weekend. Who knows if one of our games on this list won’t be by the time Saturday rolls around.”
Behrens: “With Wee Willy crying over his Wolverines and not even picking them anymore, I think I can take him for the win. The real contest thought is for the bottom of the barrel to see who finishes last.”
Cordell: “This is bedlam weekend… aren’t they all these days?”
Dillon: “The only game that matters this week is the Big 12 Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State. Everything else is meh.”
Laslow: “Go Bucks!”
Cook: “Go Bucks!”
Van Hoose: “Go Bucks!”
Eubanks: “Go Bucks!”

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