Pickers still don’t have much breathing room


Handful of games separate first, last
There is still not much breathing room as the 2019 Pigskin Pickers continue to roll.
There are just four games that separate sports reporter Sam Dillon and falling knife reporter Mac Cordell, who are tied for first place, and managing editor Chad Williamson, who is in fifth place.
Last week’s results were tight as Cordell, publisher Kevin Behrens and sports editor Tim Miller each posted 6-2 records.
Dillon and Williams were just a game behind at 5-3.
Dillon and Cordell are 73-15 for the season, while Behrens and Miller are locked in a 71-17 stalemate.
Williamson is bringing up the rear and saving his pizza coupons at 69-19.
Our guest pickers and their records from last week are Bob Van Hoose of Bob Van Hoose Garage Doors and Sales (6-2), Scott Weeks of Weeks Plumbing (4-4), Dave Laslow of Burger King (5-3), Dean Cook of Dean Cook Nationwide Insurance (6-2), Rob Eubanks of Eubanks Electric (6-2) and Kellie O’Connors of Buckeye Family Pizzeria (4-4).
This week’s games include playoff contests for the Marysville Monarchs and the Jonathan Alder Pioneers.
Williamson: MHS by 6
Miller: MHS by 6
Behrens: SHS by 1
Cordell: Monarchs by 1
Dillon: MHS by 3
Van Hoose: Marysville by 6
Weeks: Springfield by 7
Laslow: Marysville by 6
Cook: Marysville by 3
Eubanks: Marysville by 14
O’Connors: Marysville by 14
Jonathan Alder-Thornville Sheridan
Williamson: JA by 14
Miller: JA by 7
Behrens: JAHS by 2
Cordell: Pioneers by 11
Dillon: JA by 10
Van Hoose: Jonathan Alder by 7
Weeks: JA by 7
Laslow: JA by 7
Cook: JA by 6
Eubanks: JA by 14
O’Connors: JA by 12
Williamson: Ravens by 13
Miller: Ravens by 21
Behrens: Ravens by 3
Cordell: Baltimore by 18
Dillon: Ravens by 21
Van Hoose: Ravens by 14
Weeks: Ravens by 10
Laslow: Ravens by 12
Cook: Ravens by 21
Eubanks: Bengals by 7
O’Connors: Bengals by 7
Williamson: Bills by 3
Miller: Bills by 14
Behrens: Bills by 4
Cordell: Buffalo by 2
Dillon: Bills by 7
Van Hoose: Bills by 12
Weeks: Bills by 3
Laslow: Browns by 6
Cook: Bills by 14
Eubanks: Bills by 14
O’Connors: Bills by 14
Ohio State-Maryland
Williamson: OSU by 35
Miller: OSU by 28
Behrens: OSU by 5
Cordell: Buckeyes by
Dillon: Ohio St. by 21
Van Hoose: OSU by 21
Weeks: OSU by 21
Laslow: OSU by 21
Cook: OSU by 38
Eubanks: OSU by 21
O’Connors: OSU by 21
Williamson: Wisconsin by 16
Miller: Wisconsin by 10
Behrens: Wisconsin by 6
Cordell: Badgers by 9
Dillon: Wisconsin by 10
Van Hoose: Wisconsin by 6
Weeks: Iowa by 7
Laslow: Wisconsin by 6
Cook: Wisconsin by 19
Eubanks: Wisconsin by 14
O’Connors: Wisconsin by 14
Penn State-Minnesota
Williamson: Penn State by 3
Miller: Penn State by 6
Behrens: Penn St by 7
Cordell: Lions by 8
Dillon: Penn St. by 6
Van Hoose: Penn State by 7
Weeks: Penn State by 10
Laslow: Penn State by 7
Cook: Penn State by 14
Eubanks: Penn State by 7
O’Connors: Penn State by 6
Williamson: LSU by 7
Miller: LSU by 6
Behrens: LSU by 8
Cordell: Crimson Tide by 2
Dillon: Alabama by 7
Van Hoose: Alabama by 6
Weeks: Alabama by 3
Laslow: LSU by 6
Cook: LSU by 9
Eubanks: Alabama by 14
O’Connors: Alabama by 14
Williamson: “I’m out on a big limb with Marysville this week. I think the biggest weakness for the Monarch defense would be against an athletic and fast passing attack. Springfield appears to fit that bill. As far as Alabama and LSU, I’m making that pick based on which coach I like. I really appreciate Coach O at LSU. Seems to love his school, gets fired up sometimes and has that ridiculous dialect. I’ll take him over Geico Nick.”
Miller: “Good luck to the Monarchs and Pioneers in the playoffs! The Monarchs will have to contain Springfield’s passing attack in order to win. I think Jonathan Alder will take care of business against Thornville-Sheridan. I flip-flopped in my head a dozen or so times this week on LSU-Alabama. That could be one of the best college games so far of the season.”
Behrens: “This could be moving week as Dillon and Cordell are on ‘Bama with the rest of us on LSU. GEAUX TIGERS.”
Cordell: “Now it gets fun! I love high school playoffs and I love Big 10 football in November!”
Dillon: “Playoff football is here and the stakes are real. Johnny Alder has home field advantage and will most likely stick with its tried and true run game, which has taken them to a perfect season. It is going to be fun to watch. The college bill is pretty straightforward with the three Big 10 powerhouses rolling to wins this week. The Bama-LSU game is a head scratcher, but Saban normally wins in the big games… got to give him his due.
Van Hoose: “Go Bucks!”
Weeks: “Go Bucks!”
Laslow: “Go Bucks!”
Cook: “A special good luck to the Marysville Monarchs at the playoffs!”
Eubanks: “Go Bucks!”
O’Connors: Go Bucks!”

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