Pigskin Pickers still battling in tight race


We did not have any movement among the Journal-Tribune Pigskin Pickers this past week.
Sports writer Sam Dillon, reporter Mac Cordell, publisher Kevin Behrens, managing editor Chad Williamson and sports editor Tim Miller each posted 10-1 records last week.
The only thing that kept all of them from going unbeaten was Fairbanks’ upset victory over state-ranked West Liberty-Salem.
Dillon remains in first place for the season with a 52-10 record.
Cordell, otherwise known as the falling knife, is nipping at his heels at 51-11 and Behrens is two games back at 52-10.
Williamson and Miller are also in the thick of things as they are both 49-13.
Our guest pickers and their records from last week are Bob Van Hoose of Bob Van Hoose Garage Doors and Sales (7-4), Scotts Weeks of Weeks Plumbing (11-0), Dave Laslow of Burger King (7-4), Dean Cook of Dean Cook Nationwide Insurance (11-0), Rob Eubanks of Eubanks Electric (6-5) and Kellie O’Connors of Buckeye Family Pizzeria (8-3).
Marysville-Upper Arlington
Willamson: Marysville by 3
Miller: Marysville by 6
Behrens: MHS by 1
Cordell: Bears by 4
Dillon: Upper Arlington by 7
Van Hoose: Marysville by 6
Weeks: Upper Arlington by 7
Laslow: Marysville by 6
Cook: MHS by 3
Eubanks: Marysville by 7
O’Connors: Marysville by 3
Williamson: Fairbanks by 18
Miller: Fairbanks by 21
Behrens: FHS by 2
Cordell: Panthers by 18
Dillon: Fairbanks by 14
Van Hoose: Fairbanks by 21
Weeks: Fairbanks by 14
Laslow: Fairbanks by 17
Cook: FHS by 14
Eubanks: Fairbanks by 7
O’Connors: Fairbanks by 14
North Union-Northwestern
Willamson: North Union by 6
Miller: North Union by 7
Behrens: NU by 3
Cordell: Wildcats by 6
Dillon: North Union by 14
Van Hoose: North Union by 6
Weeks: North Union by 14
Laslow: NU by 7
Cook: NU by 12
Eubanks: NU by 3
O’Connors: NU by 6
Jonathan Alder-Tecumseh
Williamson: Jonathan Alder by 22
Miller: Jonathan Alder by 28
Behrens: JA by 4
Cordell: Pioneers by 11
Dillon: Jonathan Alder by 21
Van Hoose: Jonathan Alder by 21
Weeks: Jonathan Alder by 14
Laslow: JA by 14
Cook: JA by 21
Eubanks: JA by 14
O’Connors: JA by 14
Williamson: Jaguars by 7
Miller: Jaguars by 3
Behrens: Jags by 5
Cordell: Jacksonville by 3
Dillon: Jaguars by 6
Van Hoose: Jaguars by 7
Weeks: Jaguars by 3
Laslow: Jaguars by 7
Cook: Jaguars by 19
Eubanks: Bengals by 7
O’Connors: Bengals by 6
Ohio State-Northwestern
Williamson: OSU by 18
Miller: Ohio State by 21
Behrens: OSU by 7
Cordell: Buckeyes by 26
Dillon: Ohio St. by 19
Van Hoose: Ohio State by 21
Weeks: Ohio State by 21
Laslow: OSU by 21
Cook: OSU by 41
Eubanks: OSU by 21
O’Connors: Ohio State by 21
Michigan-Penn State
Williamson: Michigan by 7
Miller: Penn State by 3
Behrens: Penn St by 8
Cordell: Lions by 2
Dillon: Penn State by 3
Van Hoose: Penn State by 6
Weeks: Penn State by 10
Laslow: Penn State by 6
Cook: Penn State by 3
Eubanks: Michigan by 7
O’Connors: Penn State by 6
Williamson: Oregon by 9
Miller: Oregon by 7
Behrens: Oregon by 9
Cordell: Ducks by 2
Dillon: Oregon by 7
Van Hoose: Oregon by 7
Weeks: Washington by 7
Laslow: Oregon by 3
Cook: Oregon by 6
Eubanks: Oregon by 3
O’Connors: Oregon by 7
Utah-Arizona State
Williamson: Utah by 6
Miller: Utah by 7
Behrens: Utah by 10
Cordell: Utes by 4
Dillon: Utah by 10
Van Hoose: Utah by 7
Weeks: Utah by 3
Laslow: Arizona State by 6
Cook: Arizona State by 3
Eubanks: Arizona State by 10
O’Connors: Utah by 6
Williamson: “This is the last crack for Marysville to beat Upper Arlington as a league foe so I am really hoping they can pull it off this year. The Golden Bears are beatable, so the Monarchs will have to overcome their own historical hang-ups to pull out the win. Fairbanks will have a boost of confidence after a big win last week and North Union needs a win against a team of similar caliber. Also, I’m not feeling great about Michigan.”
Miller: “The Monarchs face a big battle at Upper Arlington on Friday. A victory would just about solidify their post-season hopes.”
Behrens: “This could be a week you see some movement in the Pickers Race with Williamson on Michigan island. I don’t know that you will see Dillon fall from the top, though, now that he has admitted to “Chanelling” Cordell’s picks. Will Channell, a former Picker, was known for copying picks to keep from buying pizza.”
Cordell: “Those of you looking for a good game should check out the Arizona State at Utah matchup. The game should be very competitive as both teams are good and really fun to watch. Plus, Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City has one of the best views in the country.”
Dillon: “It’s lonely at the top.”
Van Hoose: “Go Bucks!”
Weeks: “Go Bucks!”
Laslow: “Go Bucks!”
Cook: “Go Bucks!”
Eubanks: “Go Bucks!”
O’Connors: Go Bucks!”

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