There’s another tie at top of Pigskin Pickers race


We have a tie once again at the top of the Pigskin Pickers race
Publisher Kevin Behrens and sports writer Sam Dillon are deadlocked at 83-30 for the season after last week’s games.
Behrens went 6-1 for the week, while Dillon posted a 5-2 mark.
Reporter Mac Cordell, who also went 6-1, is nipping at their heels with an 82-31 mark for the season.
Managing editor Chad Williamson and sports editor Tim Miller are still running neck-and-neck.
They each went 5-2 last week and are tied at 78-35 for the season.
Reporter Will Channell went 4-3 and trailed with an overall mark of 76-37.
The high school season has now concluded and we will pick games through the Ohio State-Michigan contest.
After that, we’ll take a bit of a break until the middle of December when we have our mega-college bowl predictions.
This week, we’ve added a couple of extra Big Ten games to the list since our high school season is over.
Our guest Pickers are Dean Cook, Dave Laslow and Bob Van Hoose.
OSU-Michigan State
Williamson: OSU by 5
Miller: OSU by 6
Behrens: OSU by 1
Cordell: Buckeyes by 2
Dillon: OSU by 1
Channell: OSU by 9
Cook: Michigan State by 3
Laslow: OSU by 7
Van Hoose: OSU by 7
Williamson: Clemson by 13
Miller: Clemson by 7
Behrens: Clemson by 2
Cordell: Tigers by 31
Dillon: Clemson by 7
Channell: Clemson by 9
Cook: Clemson by 21
Laslow: Clemson by 14
Van Hoose: Clemson by 10
Penn State-Wisconsin
Williamson: Penn State by 7
Miller: Wisconsin by 7
Behrens: Wisconsin by 3
Cordell: Lions by 4
Dillon: Penn State by 6
Channell: Wisconsin by 9
Cook: Penn State by 14
Laslow: Penn State by 6
Van Hoose: Penn State by 7
Williamson: Iowa by 3
Miller: Iowa by 6
Behrens: Iowa by 4
Cordell: Hawkeyes by 4
Dillon: Iowa by 4
Channell: Iowa by 9
Cook: Northwestern by 10
Laslow: Iowa by 7
Van Hoose: Northwestern by 6
Alabama-Miss. State
Williamson: Alabama by 20
Miller: Alabama by 10
Behrens: Alabama by 5
Cordell: Tide by 47
Dillon: Alabama by 10
Channell: Alabama by 9
Cook: Alabama by 32
Laslow: Alabama by 10
Van Hoose: Alabama by 14
Williamson: Falcons by 13
Miller: Falcons by 14
Behrens: Falcons by 6
Cordell: Atlanta by 18
Dillon: Falcons by 8
Channell: Falcons by 9
Cook: Falcons by 10
Laslow: Browns by 7
Van Hoose: Falcons by 10
Williamson: Saints by 10
Miller: Saints by 7
Behrens: Saints by 7
Cordell: New Orleans by 6
Dillon: Saints by 6
Channell: Saints by 9
Cook: Saints by 14
Laslow: Saints by 7
Van Hoose: Bengals by 6
Williamson: “Not a big fan of this competition after the high school games are finished. The number of games to pick are pretty low and the chances to pick up games are few and far between until we get to the bowl games. The Penn State/Wisconsin game should be a decent matchup, however.”
Miller: “I can’t wait for the Browns’ bye week (Nov. 18). That’s as good as a win for them.”
Behrens: “Dillon fell as predicted. I am not sure he has the stamina to finish the race.”
Cordell: “I feel confident in all my picks this week, which has been a recipe for disaster.”
Dillon: “Now is the time of the year where you just hang on to the lead until the bowl season. Good clock management.”
Channell: “Good luck to all the local teams next year!”
Cook: “Go Bucks!”
Laslow: “Go Bucks!”
Van Hoose: “Go Bucks!”

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