Williamson, Miller, Cordell in three-way deadlock at top of Pigskin Pickers race


The Pigskin Pickers race has tightened up even further after last week’s slate of games.
Publisher Kevin Behrens tallied the week’s best record at 7-1.
He is just a pair of games behind the leaders with a season record of 48-13.
Managing editor Chad Williamson, sports editor Tim Miller and reporter Mac Cordell are now tied at the top.
They have matching records of 50-11.
Miller and Cordell jumped into the deadlock with Williamson after posting 6-2 records last week.
Williamson went 5-3.
Sports reporter Sam Dillon (6-2 last week) stands at 44-17 for the season.
We have only two local teams remaining in the state playoffs.
Jonathan Alder will host London on Friday, 7 p.m., in Division III.
North Union will travel to Liberty Benton on Saturday, 7 p.m., in Division V.
Triad has scheduled a post-playoff game against Buckeye Central.
Fairbanks has done like-wise with Grove City Christian.
The Big Ten also begins its season this weekend.
Our guest Pickers are Dave Laslow of Burger King, Dean Cook of Dean Cook Nationwide Insurance, Bob Van Hoose of Van Hoose Garage Doors and Rob Eubanks of Eubanks Electric.
North Union-Liberty Benton
Williamson: Liberty Benton by 3
Miller: Liberty Benton by 7
Behrens: LBHS by 1
Cordell: Eagles by 4
Dillon: North Union by 1
Laslow: NU by 9
Cook: NU by 7
Van Hoose: NU by 6
Eubanks: Liberty Benton by 10
Fairbanks-Grove City Christian
Williamson: Fairbanks by 17
Miller: FHS by 20
Behrens: FHS by 2
Cordell: Panthers by 19
Dillon: Fairbanks by 14
Laslow: Fairbanks by 7
Cook: Fairbanks by 9
Van Hoose: Fairbanks by 21
Eubanks: FHS by 6
Jonathan Alder-London
Williamson: Jon Alder by 10
Miller: JA by 6
Behrens: JAHS by 3
Cordell: Pioneers by 4
Dillon: Jon Alder by 6
Laslow: JA by 8
Cook: JA by 7
Van Hoose: Jonathan Alder by 7
Eubanks: Jonathan Alder by 11
Triad-Buckeye Central
Williamson: Triad by 9
Miller: Triad by 6
Behrens: THS by 4
Cordell: Cardinals by 1
Dillon: Triad by 7
Laslow: Triad by 9
Cook: Triad by 7
Van Hoose: Triad by 6
Eubanks: Triad by 3
Williamson: Browns by 10
Miller: Browns by 6
Behrens: Bengals by 5
Cordell: Cleveland by11
Dillon: Browns by 7
Laslow: Browns by 7
Cook: Browns by 7
Van Hoose: Bengals by 6
Eubanks: Browns by 7
Ohio State-Nebraska
Williamson: Ohio State by 17
Miller: Ohio State by 21
Behrens: OSU by 6
Cordell: Buckeyes by 19
Dillon: Ohio State by 12
Laslow: OSU by 8
Cook: OSU by 7
Van Hoose: OSU by 14
Eubanks: OSU by 21
Williamson: UC by 10
Miller: UC by 6
Behrens: Cincy by 7
Cordell: Bearcats by 3
Dillon: Cincy by 10
Laslow: UC by 8
Cook: UC by 7
Van Hoose: Cincinnati by 7
Eubanks: Cincinnati by 14
North Carolina State-North Carolina
Williamson: North Carolina by 9
Miller: Tar Heels by 6
Behrens: NCU by 8
Cordell: Tar Heels by 8
Dillon: North Carolina by 10
Laslow: NCU by 8
Cook: NCU by 7
Van Hoose: North Carolina by 7
Eubanks: North Carolina by 11
Iowa State-Okla. State
Williamson: OK State by 12
Miller: OK State by 6
Behrens: Okie St by 10
Cordell: Cowboys by 22
Dillon: Oklahoma State by 2
Cook: OSU by 7
Laslow: ISU by 9
Van Hoose: Oklahoma State by 7
Eubanks: Iowa State by 6
Williamson: Michigan by 3
Miller: Michigan by 7
Behrens: Minnesota by 11
Cordell: Gophers by 1
Dillon: Michigan by 6
Laslow: Michigan by 8
Cook: Michigan by 7
Van Hoose: Minnesota by 7
Eubanks: Michigan by 7
Williamson: “My only hope is that Michigan doesn’t start the year 0-1, but that may be a tall order. They aren’t going to be real tough this year unless Milton is ready to go out of the wrapper.”
Miller: “The second round of the Jonathan Alder-London rivalry should be a doozy. North Union will have its hands full against Liberty-Benton.”
Behrens: “Glad to see Michigan on the schedule, could be a chance to make a run.”
Cordell: “It’s almost surreal!”
Dillon: “Wow, lots of football this week. It feels like COVID is over now.”
Laslow: “Go Bucks!”
Cook: “Go Bucks!”
Van Hoose: “Go Bucks!”
Eubanks: “Go Bucks!”

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