Writers urge voters to oppose Fairbanks bond issue on Nov. 8


Dear Editor,
As a 2014 graduate of Fairbanks High School, I would first like to say that my ability to learn was in no way hindered by the school building. There were no labs or activities that we could not do because of the structure or space. Desk space was more than adequate and more than you will find in many college classrooms. I and many others have gone on to have successful college careers after leaving that building.
Jenna Phelps
Route 4

Dear Editor,
We are writing this letter to voice our concern over the rushed plan the Fairbanks Schools administration put together for this levy, and especially the idea to tear down the current buildings. The first community meeting was held in November, when the administration claimed there was no agenda and they just wanted to get a 10-year plan. All of a sudden, at the second community meeting in January, they had three options for people to choose from for a levy.
John and Paula Scheiderer
Milford Center

Dear Editor,
Attention Fairbanks School District home and property owner and all other residents: on election day, we are being asked to vote for a bond levy to the tune of over $35 million dollars to construct a new school. I support the school, but believe this amount is excessive, especially when real estate taxes are already rising and with the latest revelation that health care costs could be going up in 2017 as well.
Sandy Conley
Harriott Road

Dear Editor,
The Fairbanks Bond issue has been a major issue for many families in our district. The following should be considered before you vote.
Dale Phelps,
Vice President Fairbanks Alumni Association

Dear Editor,
Here are the facts:
-$35,500,000 at 4-percent interest for 37 year.
-Interest total $33,181,630.
-Total payoff $68,181,630.
-$1,842,742 year for 37 years.
-$5,043 per day.
Nov. 8 is upon us, and many have decided how they’re voting on the Fairbanks bond issue. However, to the voters on the fence or the voters voting yes, I ask you to ponder the following.
Derek Nicol
Route 4

Dear Editor,
I encourage everyone to vote no on the Fairbanks band issue. Not because I dislike the school or believe no improvements are needed but because this plan is wasteful and reduces, not enhances, our ability to provide quality educations into the future.
Rob Bouic
Route 38

Dear Editor,
We have always supported and are proud to live in the Fairbanks School District. The upcoming bond issue is a poor planned and gross misuse of taxpayer money. Incorrect and misleading information has been sent out in district-wide mailings. When questions arose at community meetings the board admitted that some numbers in the mailing were incorrect, but once a mailing goes out and is read, people believe what is sent to them by our school board.
Terry and Paula Nicol
Middleburg-Plain City Road

Dear Editor,
If you could find a way to reduce or prevent debt for your children and grandchildren, would you? If the state taxes that you already pay could help pay for a part of a new school for your children or grandchildren, would you go after it?
Daniel Blumenschein
Plain City

Dear Editor,
What a sad day it is, that we can no longer trust our school board to make good decisions.
Ann Vanhoose
Plain City


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