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The Thanksgiving holiday is a kickoff to the Christmas season allowing time to be with family and friends while appreciating those around you.
Today’s Journal-Tribune holiday gift guide is one of the largest newspapers – 28 pages full of advertising and news articles and more than 30,000 copies distributed – that we have ever printed.
The gift guide is the culmination of weeks of work by members of our staff. Scheduling starts at the end of the summer each year to gear up for all that goes into the many pages of the newspaper. Production of the stories and ads is done in the days leading up to the Tuesday before Thanksgiving followed by the final phase of printing the finished product.
In the current day when 90% of the information on Facebook is originated by local newspapers, we are proud to be able to gather the news of the area and send out a comprehensive product so all of Marysville and Union County can stay up to date by reading it and shopping on ‘Black Friday’ and the days to follow by buying locally.
The entire Journal-Tribune staff is involved with the gift guide down to hand stuffing the inserts into the special edition on Tuesday. This support of our employees is necessary and crucial in order to take on a project of this size. With that said, we would like to take this time to acknowledge all the efforts of the J-T staff and those from West Central who helped put the gift guide together.
We wish all of our subscribers, readers and advertisers a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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