Letter to the Editor: Subscriber responds to recent editorial


Dear Editor,
My name is Linda Gibson and I am one of your subscribers. I am, also, a Trump hating Democrat, as you referred to me in your editorial dated Feb. 8, 2019. I know you don’t care, but you have offended me, and at least a few of your other subscribers.
If you pay close attention, you can always tell what the Republican party is doing, as it is what they are accusing the Democrats of doing. They think it is an effective strategy, but we have caught on. I’m not sure why they haven’t blamed the great “Trump tax cut” on the Dems. I hope all your rich friends spend our money wisely.
I am a senior citizen and hope I’m still around when your beloved President and his family are safely in jail. I hope I’m not around, if he prevails and you and my family are in a dictatorship and don’t understand how you got there.
All of this is happening in plain site and by many people listening to a person that lies all day every day. Would you allow your children or friends to lie to you like this?
You and many others are just minions to him. One that can vote, but has no purpose other than to follow and obey.
I really like your newspaper. I like getting a reduced version of the national news and a wide variety of local news. This is why I don’t call your office and cancel my subscription. I like to think of myself as the “bigger person”. Let’s see if you are going to use your paper as the bully pulpit.
I’m perplexed how on one page of your paper, you request from us to “Support your local Paper” and on another page you are insulting the intelligence of some of your readership.
These editorials are becoming more frequent, and I am, anxiously, awaiting the one when he and his family are incarcerated. Beware, it is coming.
Linda Gibson
Plain City
Editor’s note: Thank you Linda for your response to my editorial of Feb. 8. You may not believe it, but part of the reason I write editorials is to cause readers to think, and if they wish to reply, whether in agreement or disagreement with what I have written, I encourage it. The Journal-Tribune has always published such letters to the editor. It gives our readers the opportunity to express their own opinions on various subjects, whether it is something in an editorial or a separate issue.
And that is the important point here. Whether it is something said in an editorial, newspaper column or reader’s letter, when it appears on the editorial page, it is simply one person’s opinion. On the news pages of the newspaper, we do try as hard as possible to be factual.
President Donald Trump is a difficult man to understand, I’ll give you that. But he is the nation’s President, and while in office, deserves the respect of that office, the same as presidents before him. Of course that still gives people the right to disagree with him or what he says and does. But, in my opinion, some politicians and members of the news media have gone beyond that point.
It’s like being a judge. Those who appear in front of him or her may not like the decisions rendered, but must respect the office and the bench.
As I said in my editorial, my grandfather, Bruce Gaumer, who founded the Journal-Tribune, was a proud, life-long Democrat. But I think I remember him well enough to know that, even though he would have disagreed with many of Trump’s actions, he still would have accorded him the respect as President.
Editor Dan Behrens

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