Letter to the Editor: Writer says verbal attack at Milford Center meeting was unwarranted


Dear Editor,
Allow me to commend Jacob Runnels for his ongoing diligence and accurate reporting of the activities of the Milford Center Village Council.
As an example, in the Tuesday, Feb. 12 edition, he accurately reported that I was publicly accused of collusion with two other members of council. He reported that we were accused of having communicated and decided upon a course of action secretly, outside of council, to impose an increase in the village’s water-sewer rates.
I know that all of us are prone to say things in the heat of the moment out of anger or frustration. So that this matter can be put aside in a civil manner, I call upon my council colleague to offer an apology at our next council meeting, since there is no basis in fact for the accusation.
Unfounded attacks have no place in villages where neighbors have volunteered to be elected to public service and who are simply trying to offer governance to the best of their ability. Decisions are difficult to make, more so where municipal budgets are strained and resources are scarce, but rancor need not be expressed.
I am more than happy to discuss this issue of water-sewer rates at any time. My phone is listed in the phone book and I am willing to take time to meet at the village office.
Ron Payne
Milford Center Council Member

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