Flu bug bites Milford Center Council


The Milford Center Village Council canceled its monthly meeting for September last night.
The only members present at the meeting were Terri Kean, Howard Van Dyke, Don Jones and Jeff Parren. Kean sat in as the mayor only to say the meeting would not happen.
According to the meeting’s agenda, the mayor’s report included a plan for discussion about a case of vandalism at Bicentennial Park.
There was also a resolution to purchase an asphalt mixer for pothole repairs with a $20,400 price tag. There was a motion to waive the second and third readings for the resolution.
At last month’s meeting, the council agreed to have a third reading for a resolution to “authorize the mayor” to “enter an agreement with the Union County Land Reutilization Corporation designating it as the agency for reclamation” of vacant or foreclosed properties in the village. A motion for a third reading was on the agenda.
Also at last month’s meeting, the council said it would discuss updates about its Reed St. paving project after receiving a $39,800 cost estimation from the county. On the agenda, there were also going to be updates on the village’s sewer scope project and the water leak at Mill and State streets.
The village will meet again on Oct. 9, at 7:30 p.m.

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