Man faces third domestic violence indictment in as many months


A local has been indicted again, marking the third time in three months he is accused of attacking the same woman.
The Union County Grand Jury has indicted Joseph R. Boerger, 40, of 433 Ash St., Marysville. He is charged with domestic violence, a felony of the fourth degree.
In November Boerger was indicted on two counts of domestic violence for separate incidents in October. In August, Boerger pleaded guilty to one count of domestic violence.
“Our victim’s advocate got involved to try to make sure the victim is safe,” said Union County Prosecutor Dave Phillips.
He said that just because someone stays with an abuser does not mean they want the abuse.
“There are a lot of reasons a victim may stay with their abuser,” Phillips said, mentioning finances, power and control or even love.
“Sometimes they love the person, they just want the violence to stop,” Phillips said, noting that dynamic in “a vast majority of domestic violence cases.”
He explained that often with repeat abusers is about power and control over the victim.
“Often times, the victim doesn’t want to leave because they are afraid,” Phillips said.
The prosecutor’s office said the victims’ advocate can help.
“Ultimately, the decision is theirs whether to stay with the abuser, but we are there to provide options,” Phillips said.
He added that, “I have found that in cases like this, if the victim chooses to stay with the abuser, as time goes on, the violence only gets worse as the offender is emboldened.”
Victim advocates are available by phone to discuss concerns and the protection order process with you. Advocates are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday by calling 937-645-4160.
In the most recent case, on Dec. 21, Marysville Police received a call from the victim.
The woman told police that she and Boerger had gotten into a fight.
According to court documents, the woman said Boerger, “slapped her in the face and forehead.”
The responding officer said he noticed the woman’s eye was “a little swollen but not to the point where it led me to believe it was from being hit.”
The woman said Boerger was not at the house, but did have an upcoming anger management class at Maryhaven.
Investigators went to the center to speak with Boerger.
“He advised that they did get into an argument today, but that he never hit her,” according to court documents.
He said when they began to argue, he left and went to his mother’s house in Plain City, then to get his hair cut before his class
According to court documents, police were dispatched to the same home on Oct 11.
“It was reported that a juvenile child had contacted 911 stating that they observed their mother being injured by the male, Joseph Boerger, who resided in the residence,” according to court documents.
When police arrived, they found the woman outside the home.
“She complained of injuries to her head and neck area,” according to the report.
The woman told investigators that Boerger caused her injuries.
According to the report, the woman told investigators “she was thrown down on the porch, slapped in the face and had her ear bit.”
She said she was shoved down in several areas of the home.
Boerger was offered multiple times to provide a written statement, but he declined.
On Oct. 19, police were sent to the home again. The daughter told investigators her mother had been hit.
The next day, officers went to the home to do a well check because the woman had made comments that police found, “concerning about her safety.”
The woman spoke with police on the porch and said the night before, “Boerger had injured her.”
The woman explained that Boerger had held a phone in her face, she knocked it down, then bent down to pick it up.
When she bent over, she was allegedly thrown to ground, “the next thing she was able to recall was multiple officers at her residence.”
The woman said she remembers Boerger whispering in her ear about telling the police she had fallen over.
Police were able to see an injury on the left side of woman’s head, in addition, “she indicated pain in her nose, believes that she sustained a concussion and was knocked out during the incident.”
If convicted on all counts, Boerger could face as many as four and a half years in prison.

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