Man jailed for allegedly abusing puppy


A Union County man was arrested after allegedly abusing a puppy and intimidating a witness this weekend.

The report came in Sunday at about 12:12 p.m. The Union County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jared Otis Butler, 27, of Marysville, after he apparently hit, dragged and kicked the puppy at a home on U.S. 36. He then threatened a witness who called authorities.

Chief Deputy Tom Morgan when deputies arrived, they found the dog bleeding. He said the dog was a corgi mix puppy. The dog was taken to the humane society after the initial call, and deputies took Butler to the Tri-County Regional Jail.

“The wellbeing of the dog is of the utmost concern,” Morgan said.

Humane Society Director Jim Alloway said the dog has no discernible injuries, but had some blood on its nose they quickly cleaned off. He said they’re unaware of the dog’s name, so they’ve been calling him Chase. He appears to be about six or seven months old.

Generally, when dogs come into the humane society from abuse cases, they receive a medical check and trauma assessment. Alloway said the check is to make sure there is no lingering psychological trauma. Often, dogs that experience abuse will perceive innocent human actions as attacks.

“You want to see if there’s any apprehension,” he said.

Alloway said Chase passed the test with “flying colors.” He said if Chase had come into the shelter off the street, there’d be no indication he’d been abused.

“He shows no lingering effects,” he said.

Now, the Humane Society is playing the waiting game. Alloway said they can’t do anything more until they hear from the court. The dog may end up getting removed from Butler’s custody, or he could end up going through a rehabilitation program. Until then, Alloway said they make sure their animals are well cared for.

“We’re on standby,” he said. “We still care for (Chase) as if he’s going to be one of ours.”

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