New group discusses issues concerning Triad, North Lewisburg


Representatives from the newly formed Triad community networking meetings presented to North Lewisburg council on what the group has been working on since organizing in January.
Mayor Cheryl Hollingsworth reported in an email that Triad Local Schools Superintendent Chris Piper and Stacey Logwood, shared with council that the group comprised of community leaders meets monthly to gain a better understanding of community agency roles, responsibilities, and expectations in response to a community crisis.
Logwood serves as social program developer for The Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Services Board of Logan and Champaign County.
The group has spent time examining the 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents which has identified a comprehensive list of building blocks that help young children grow up healthy, caring and responsible (
The group looked specifically at data collected in 2015 from 135 Triad students in sixth, eighth and 10th grade related to the 40 Assets. Students answered 100 survey questions and from there, data is compiled and broken down into two categories external and internal factors.
External assets showed that district students scored family support high and parent involvement in schooling low. Students scored community values and being given useful roles in the community low, however over half said they serve in their community one or more hours per week.
In the boundaries and expectations category, over 60 percent of students scored their school and neighborhood boundaries as having clear rules and consequences. Only 34 percent of students felt they had positive adult role models. In the constructive use of time category, over half said they did spend three or more hours per week in sports, clubs and community organizations.
Internal assets focus on the student’s internal guidance system and showed almost 80 percent of students were motivated to do well in school and 63 percent were engaged in learning.
Less than 25 percent reported doing at least one hour of homework per day and reading for pleasure three or more hours per week. Students rated their own personal positive values high which including caring, equality/social justice, integrity, honesty, responsibility and restraint.
Regarding social competencies less than 40 percent felt they had the knowledge of and comfort with people of different cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds and only 37 percent felt they could resolve a conflict peacefully. In the positive identity category, over 50 percent of students felt they had positive self-esteem, sense of purpose and favorable view of the future.
The group plans to use this data to offer education to adults working with youth outside of the school district along with providing more resources for kids to increase success in and out of the classroom.
The data is collected every two years and students were surveyed again this past spring. The most recent survey information has not yet been compiled.
Council approved their annual donation of $1000 for fireworks to be sponsored by Triad Junior Baseball and the volunteers of the North Lewisburg Community Fire and EMT’s. Hollingsworth said the fireworks will be held on July 8 and festivities will include a ball tournament, food vendors, crafts and more.
Council approved a resolution to allow the Mayor to sign the application for grants and contracts from OPWC (Ohio Public Works Commission) regarding possible grants for road works.
Council approved an ordinance regarding the issuing of permits to sales people canvassing the community. Hollingsworth said in an email the ordinance requires photo identification, car license plate, name of the corporation and contact info along with product details. The new ordinance requires this information be submitted and approved two weeks prior to canvassing. Hollingsworth emphasized this does not apply to Triad students that would sell magazines, mulch, candles, etc. or Scouts with popcorn or cookie sales.
Hollingsworth thanked all those who helped with the Memorial Day Remembrance including the Veterans, Triad High School Band, the Boy Scouts, the Girls Scouts, Northeast Champaign County Fire District, and all who attended and participated. She also thanked Bart Stokes for the library parking lot resurfacing and the North Lewisburg Methodist Church MYF group that raked, pulled weeds and planted flowers.
“We are so grateful for their participation,” Hollingsworth said.
Community policing was a verbal report. Hollingsworth shared via email: 17 citations; 14 warnings for speed; several arrests for disorderly conduct, DUI, drug raid and subsequent search warrants, drugs found; one suspected breaking and entering.
“Chief Alexander and Officer Piatt assisted in establishing a neighborhood watch in the Weaver Castle Addition,” she said, “The Mechanicsburg police are doing a great job.”
The next regular council meeting will be July 11 at 7 p.m. at the municipal building.

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