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Triad Local Schools are preparing to open bids for projects within the construction of new athletic facilities. The project will be split into two phases, which include the completion of a new track and field, renovation of the current field house and construction of a new field house. Graphics depict the completed project. (Graphics submitted)

Triad Local Schools are prepping for the construction of new athletic facilities.
Architect Chris Widener was at Thursday’s Board of Education meeting to share updates.
He said the project, funded by the November levy, will be completed in two phases.
Phase One will include completion of the new track and field, while Phase Two includes renovation of the current field house and construction of a new one.
The most challenging part of Phase One, according to Widener, will be leveling the field area.
He said the track will be in the same location, but regrading and new underground drainage will create a retention area and ensure water does not gather on the actual track.
The leveling process will be made easier by the fact that Triad has its own dirt, Widener said.
While a haul route needs to be identified, he said the district has enough dirt near the High School to be used for the project. Leveling the area will require approximately 440 dump trucks of dirt, he added.
The track and field area will also include new home and visitor bleachers with seats with backs.
Phase Two begins later, as Widener said it is expected to take less time.
He said he and other architects have recommended the new field house is constructed from pre-engineered wood.
It will take approximately 10 weeks to be prepared, but Widener explained the building will be up within two to three weeks after it’s delivered.
The new field house will have black roofing and red siding with four feet of black wainscoting along the bottom. Superintendent Vickie Hoffman said the building matching school colors has been popular among community members.
Widener highlighted a long ramp that will connect the new field house with the track and field area, making the complex ADA accessible.
He said the entire complex will also be fenced in.
Each phase is broken down into areas contractors will be able to bid on, Widener said.
Phase One includes site work, the track, fencing, asphalt and paving, field lighting, bleachers, electrical and irrigation. Phase Two includes general work and labor, post-frame building, site work, plumbing, mechanical and electrical.
With bidding documents prepared, Widener said he hopes local contractors will capitalize on as many areas as possible.
“Our goal is to see how much local interest we can get,” he said.
Bids for Phase One will be advertised this month and go before the Board of Education for approval in February. Hoffman said contractors for the first portion will be at work on March 1.
Phase Two will follow the same process, about a month later. Widener said the goal is to advertise bids in February and seek board approval in March.
Hoffman said the district is looking to save as much money as possible by excluding some portions of the project from bidding packages.
IT and sound systems, the new scoreboard, furniture and equipment, a logo for the front of the new building, as well as lockers will be completed within the district rather than contracted out, she said.
Additionally, Hoffman said plenty of money has already been saved by the district’s maintenance crew, who has done much of the removal work to prep for the project.

“Your maintenance folks have saved tens of thousands of dollars in the budget,” Widener agreed.
Widener said the goal is to have field improvements complete by Aug. 1. If all goes according to plan and weather conditions allow, he said the building will be close to finished at that point as well.
Hoffman said the first football game of the upcoming season will be played away, which gives the project an extra week’s buffer.
In other business:
– The board approved a resolution opposing the State of Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program.
EdChoice is an income-based program that allows families who meet the federal poverty guidelines to receive scholarships from designated public schools to attend private schools.
Hoffman said the program is being expanded to designate more public schools than it has recently.
The program is expected to cost Triad Local Schools $37,200 over the next four years, but Hoffman said other districts are losing much more.
“We’re not getting the brunt of it, but there are districts that are losing a lot of money,” she said.
She said public schools are coming together to oppose the program, as it could have a major financial impact if it continues to be expanded.
“It could get uglier… these private schools are just reaching out and saying ‘Come to us, come to us,’” Hoffman said, adding that even students who have never attended a public school can receive a scholarship at its financial detriment.
– Returning board member Chris Millice was sworn in. Previous board member Matt McConnell was also sworn in after he was appointed to fill a vacancy.

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