My crazy friends … again


You know how I’ve told you in the past about crazy things my friends do. Well, wait ‘til you hear these stories. They are at it again.
The first incident involves a female friend of mine, but hold on, a man is the culprit in the second story. My gal friend has a cute new (new is the important part here) red Chevrolet Malibu, which thankfully, has a special feature. The back seat lays down to access the trunk. No, she wasn’t locked in the trunk, but her fob was locked in the car. Here’s how this went.
She was leaving the grocery and had her arms full so she opened the trunk and deposited the groceries. Next, she opened the back door and put her purse in the back seat. Then, as a routine, she shut the door. When the door closed, it locked. What! This is a new car with a fob … how can the car lock with the fob inside? Don’t they all have a safeguard for that?
Fortunately, she is a very resourceful person. Her trunk didn’t lock. What? How could that be? I thought it locked along with the car. So the door locked, but the trunk didn’t. Can’t we count on anything?
There was no driving the car if she couldn’t get in it, so she crawled in through the trunk, laid the back seat down, retrieved her purse and went on her way! Must have been a wonderful sight. She noticed others were watching. That probably made their day, but all turned out well for her and caused some laughing.
The second event is a beauty. It just shows how someone awakened in the middle of the night might still be dreaming or something. You be the judge.
It all began when my friend knocked the repeating-type alarm clock on the floor. It had a repeating ring. That action may have set it to go off later. It had previously been set for 4:30 a.m. but not activated. That’s crazy, right there. What retired man has to get up that early?
At this point there was some remodeling going on in the bedroom, where the clock was, and this guy was sleeping in a strange bedroom at this time. The alarm went off sounding like a clock alarm, but to him it was a smoke alarm. He started screaming at his wife that there was smoke in the house and she should call 911. She didn’t smell or see anything. He ran to the window opening it for air. Yes, it was a cold winter evening.
He was quite upset that she still hadn’t called for help, but she kept telling him, ”There’s nothing going on.” At that point the repeating alarm went off again and he insisted, “That’s the smoke alarm.”
Quickly, frustrated with his wife, he dialed 911 himself. He stayed on the phone with them and help was on the way with four firemen arriving in about four minutes. Nice to know they can get there so fast.
At this point, his wife was still telling him that there’s no problem, even as he swears his throat is burning from the smoke and he is choking. She would have laughed if she wasn’t so worried about her husband. Just as the firemen arrived, he realized the noise was the alarm clock. When the responders are inside the house, the husband tells them he’s found the cause and shows them the clock. They assure him it’s not hot and no fire there, but he meant that the alarm confused him … really!
After they checked the house, the responders told the couple very nicely, this is not the first time this has happened – sometimes people are dreaming and they feel it’s real.
It’s the middle of the night and his wife, who can’t believe this is going on, is feeling better because her seemingly wacky husband has returned to normal. Then she realized, if it had been a real emergency, she didn’t know what to save first. Maybe she’s working on that project now.
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