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When I came across this information, the first of which is supposed to help save your life, I decided we needed to talk about these things. Maybe some of this would fit into your life or maybe not. You’ll see what I mean.
The first advice is about driving across a train track, which many of us do every day. It goes like this: If you’re stuck on a train track and have to abandon your vehicle to an oncoming train, run away from the track, but also toward the train itself. If you run in the same direction the train is traveling, you will be standing where the debris of your former car lands. Ugh!
Now this seems like an extreme circumstance, but who knows, it could happen to you. In fact, a similar thing happened to me a few years ago. We were in the Chicago suburbs with my brother and his family, all of us in one car. It’s the kind of suburban place were trains run through the middle of town several times a day to take passengers to downtown Chicago.
My brother was driving the car and we started to proceed across a series of four railroad tracks. There was a car in front of us, but it was moving along. Then suddenly, the driver stopped his car while we were both on the tracks. That was odd and then I turned to the left and saw that way off in the distance a train was coming.
The man in front of us actually got out of his car and started looking at his tire while we’re all still sitting on the tracks. It was impossible to go around him because the cars coming the other way were blocking us. There was no escape except to get out of the car, which was going to be my next move.
My brother was honking his horn profusely, so finally the guy got back in his car and drove off. So did we just as the wooden arms were coming down to block cars entering the tracks. We made it off just as they came down. I have never forgotten this and will never again go across a train track until I have a complete open distance to drive.
Then there’s this: If you are being attacked, never strike in the torso. This is not the movies. Instead, go for the groin, eyes or ears, and then run as fast and scream as loud as you can. When crying for help, call out specific people like “you with the red shirt help me I’m being mugged,” instead of just screaming generally, “help.”
This is a lot of information that you may never need, but stash in the back of your brain and hope you never have to use it.
Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing. It will be important when reading precautions or instructions about a new product you will use. This could be important. Enough said.
During the fall season is when the following information might come in handy: If a deer leaps in front of your car, brake hard but do not swerve at all. It will most likely jump out of your way, but if not, it’s better to hit it head on than to roll your car. Also, most insurance covers a deer hitting your car, but not if you swerve to miss it and run into a tree. This insurance info is interesting and I’m not sure all companies would provide the same coverage in their approach to such an event.
I do remember a story of our friends driving from here to Delaware on a fall evening about dusk, which I believe is the time dear are quite active. It’s also harder to see a deer in the middle of the road at that time. Our friend didn’t swerve and hit the deer which landed on the hood of his car. Then the hooves penetrated the windshield. No one was really hurt, but they were scared to death. I don’t think the deer survived the incident.
Here’s something I do pay attention to. I have found that my instincts served me well in the past. The advice begins: You were born with instincts. If you feel something is wrong with the person, place or situation, it probably is. Don’t discount those feelings in your gut that something isn’t going to work out or that there is something hazardous about the situation. Also, in those situations, don’t be afraid of being rude. Just leave.
Now here are some human relationship tips, helpful in your every day life … I hope.
You only get one chance to notice a new haircut, dress or glasses. Remember, people like to be appreciated and noticed. Pay attention to those around you and say something nice about a change in their appearance.
Expect the seat in front of you to recline. Prepare accordingly. This was good advice for me, but I had never had this happen before. There I was on the airplane and we were about a half hour into our trip. Suddenly the man in front of me apparently decided that he must sleep. His seat came all the way down onto my knees. I had never seen someone recline a seat so much and, in fact, I don’t think I knew they went back that far. I have short legs and it’s pretty hard to have that seat run into me, but it did. I no longer had use of the tray from the back of the seat. I couldn’t get to it because it was pushing on my knees.
In the hygiene area, there was another problem – the man had not washed his hair in, oh, maybe a month! His appearance told me he was probably from another country, maybe where they have less regard for those around them.
There was a definite odor coming from him and I now started to move my knees around underneath the chair. I thought if I gave him a little polite bump, he would get the hint that the chair was back too far.
Oh how wrong I was. It was another two hours on that flight and that seat stayed right there until the flight attendants made him put it up for landing. It was uncomfortable and I felt pinned in my seat and I’m hoping I never have that happen again.
And finally here is some really good advice from a woman who is a mom, herself. Make time for your mom on your birthday. It was a really special day for her, too, and you can bet she remembers every moment of the event, no matter how long ago!
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